ants gathering on surface

Protecting your home from ants isn't just a matter of taking precautions with the interior areas, it’s important to also be proactive by making your exterior spaces uninviting for ants. 

Ants are drawn to food and moisture. They will seek out even the tiniest of crumbs and before you know it there will be a trail of ants. Therefore, the best way to avoid an ant invasion indoors is to clean regularly and remove any food sources that might attract them. Be alert for any leaking pipes or standing water.

To deter ants around the exterior of your home, keep trash receptacles and wood piles away from your house, and preferably off the ground. A secure trash can on a raised platform off the ground level is ideal to deter all pests. Cleaning up regularly around the exterior to check for any noticeable ant nests or trails will go a long way to prevent indoor infestations. Consider keeping planters away from your walkways and any outdoor entertainment areas too. 

Inside your home, it’s important to clean off countertops and cooking areas quickly after meal preparations. The longer the crumbs and dirty dishes linger around, the higher the chance that ants will find the food source and start coming in. Wiping food residue from your stove tops and sink area is important as well. These tiny insects don’t require much to survive and are very opportunistic little pests. 

Be aware of messes left by your pets. A tiny kibble of dog food will be a big meal for nearby ants. Wash their food and water bowls out often to avoid bacteria which can not only harm your animals but will attract ants and other pests. Try to keep pet food in an airtight container or stored away in a cabinet off the floor. 

It’s impossible to clean up every last speck of food that may exist in your home. If you notice an ant trail, act quickly. Wiping up the area where they are trailing along will help to disrupt their mission. The ants leave a scent on the trails that other ants sense and follow, so using a good cleaner will remove the scent. It’s also likely they are nesting somewhere nearby if you’re seeing them indoors. If you can find where the trail is leading to or coming from you may be able to find the colony, although they tend to nest in walls or under walkways in the dirt. 

Often an ant infestation requires professional services to successfully tackle it. If you suspect you have an ant problem indoors or outdoors, contact us at Eagle Pest Services for an inspection. Our professional and experienced technicians will discuss the best treatment options for your pest problems.