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One of the biggest issues with getting an exterminator that many people experience is the concern for their pets. Unfortunately, this prevents many from getting the pest treatment they need to live in peace. So what’s the bottom line? There are many pet-safe exterminators out there. In fact, the materials used in homes have come very far in terms of safety. At Spence’s Pest Control, we use agents that are pet, child, and environmentally-friendly.

Why It’s Safe to Hire an Exterminator Even When You Have a Pet

Chances are, 30 or more years ago, the pesticides used were not pet friendly. However, these days we know a lot more about these materials and how to use them. The extermination industry progressed a great deal in the actual materials created that are pet and child-safe. These materials are also mixed at various ratios, so they’re used in much smaller amounts. These amounts affect bugs and pests, but don’t have the same effect on larger mammals, like cats, dogs, and humans. Reptiles, birds, and other critters may have different sensitivities, so always double-check with your extermination company before they come. 

Prepare for an Exterminator

When you call to talk about your pest issue, please mention your pets! Our friendly experts have more than 40 years of experience and are able to tell you exactly how to handle the situation. Information will help put your mind at ease. Your furry friend doesn’t have to be removed from your home on the day of extermination, but make sure to keep them out of the affected areas for a few hours. Remove their toys and beds from any areas you wish to be sprayed so they aren’t contaminated. Make sure all food is sealed and placed in the refrigerator for safekeeping, including dry food. If you have pets that are contained in tanks (like fish, turtles, lizards, or other exotics) you may have to relocate them somewhere safe for 24 hours.

What to Do After the Exterminator Visits

Again, the materials used are not particularly harmful to cats and dogs. However, we recommend keeping them away from any spraying while it’s going on. If the spraying is outside, make sure to keep your pets indoors that day. It’s recommended to allow all materials a few hours to dry, so you should keep your pets away from any sprayed areas for at least 2-3 hours. We know that cats and dogs tend to be curious and can lick at areas in the home. It’s best to prevent this for a few hours. You can also give the floors and walls a wash before you let your pets back in to ensure safety.

Talk to your exterminator about any follow-ups. If they must leave traps for rodents or other pests, make sure they stay out of the reach of your pets! Your exterminator will be able to create the best plan of action to keep you and your pets safe as long as you communicate your concerns! 

At Spence’s Pest Control, we love our furry friends and are committed to making sure every pet is safe after we visit. Call us at 804-741-4100 or fill out our contact form. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need to feel safe. If you have a pest problem, it can affect your pet too. We will schedule a free initial inspection and create the best possible plan that you and your pet are happy with.