top cockroach hiding places

Cockroaches are nocturnal. They prefer to live and feed in the dark, so if you see one during the day it's a possible sign of an infestation. Like most small pests they can hide virtually anywhere, though roaches do tend to have some preferred hiding areas.

Here is a list of their top 5 common hiding places: 

  1. In your kitchen. If you have roaches in your home your kitchen will likely be a hotspot for them. A few stray crumbs that may have fallen under appliances and the dark corners behind cabinets, or under a sink, will be very inviting to roaches. It's advisable to clean up the floor and countertops immediately after meals. Also check for any leaky pipes or loose connections under the sink as roaches love moisture. Clean often behind appliances if you can safely do so. Prevention goes a long way when tackling any pest problem. 
  2. Basements and crawl spaces. Insects can easily access basements and crawl spaces through exterior entryways. Cockroaches will often hide in the damp areas that typically exist in these places.Consider having a moisture barrier installed and check these areas regularly for any signs of an infestation.
  3. Under planters and trash cans. Roaches close to the exterior of your home are a concern too. Though they might not be indoors yet, they can easily find their way in. Keep the area around planters and pots clean and regularly inspect for signs of any insects. Put plants on plant stands and keep trash cans in a designated area if possible, and wash them out regularly. if possible keep them off of the ground. By doing this you’ll eliminate that area where roaches can hide between the bottom of the object and the ground.
  4. In your food in pantries. Roaches often find their way into homes and seek out food. Put opened items in airtight bags or containers, including pet food. If you see any signs of any insects in open food items throw the item out immediately. 
  5. Old boxes and stored items. Cockroaches will seek out areas to hide and breed. If you have any boxes of clothes or books (or other organic materials stored) they will often hide there. They can even feed on your stored belongings. Sort through items you’ve boxed up and be sure they’re stored in an area that is less inviting to roaches. Stash your items on a shelf or in a plastic storage bin with a lid. 

As you can tell roaches are a huge nuisance capable of hiding almost anywhere. They can ruin your food items and personal belongings. They also spread diseases. If you suspect your home has an infestation contact the experienced professionals at Eagle Pest Services. Our trusted technicians will know what signs to look for and will follow the best course of action to help conquer all your pest problems.