Eagle Pest Services is a QualityPro Company!

QualityProWhy should you Go QualityPro with Eagle Pest Services?

  • Confidence in your pest control company. 

QualityPro is an industry program that has been created and endorsed by the National Pest Management Association.  QualityPro has been designed to create increased professionalism and service standards in the Termite and Pest Control industry. 

  • Knowledge of responsible pest management. 

As a Quality Pro company, Eagle Pest Services only hires professional Sales Service Technicians who meet our strict requirements.  Our Sales Service Technicians have to pass a state administered or QualtityPro exam, practice the environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management approach to pest management, and practice proper pesticide handling.  These standards and methods enable us to manage and eliminate your pest problem as quickly as possible.

  • Security when a Sales Service Technician is in your home. 

From the environmentally conscious products we use to the trucks we drive to the people we hire, we believe in only the best when it comes to your home.  All Eagle Pest Services QualityPro Sales Service Technicians must pass the following hiring requirements:

    • Criminal background check
    • Motor Vehicle record check
    • Drug test
  • Professionalism at all times. 

All Eagle Pest Services Sales Service Technicians present themselves in a fresh, professional company uniform and drive a clean, clearly labeled Eagle Pest Services company vehicle.  At the beginning of each visit they present their Eagle Pest Services QualityPro badge.  All homeowners are encouraged to call the number on the badge to confirm that the Sales Service Technician is from Eagle Pest Services. 

Eagle Pest Services is QualityPro certified for one reason...YOU!  We subscribe to the standards and practices that are in accordance with the National Pest Management Association.  We feel that our QualityPro Certification makes us the only choice to protect your home from termites and pests.

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As a QualityPro company, we have taken many steps to provide you with a higher quality, more worthwhile service. One of most important things about QualityPro companies is their commitment to provide environmentally responsible pest management. This means using integrated pest management, or IPM, to solve your pest problem.

An IPM approach is focused on the removal of the three key elements pests need to survive: food, water, and shelter. By concentrating on eliminating the sources of these elements, your home becomes a less desirable destination for pests, and greatly reduces the likelihood of an infestation. More importantly, IPM aims to correct the root cause of the pest problem, providing you with a longer-term solution to your pest problem in the least intrusive manner possible.

The IPM Approach

Six basic steps make up an IPM program and they include:
  • Inspecting the area
  • Identifying the pest problem
  • Selecting control methods based on the size and type of the pest problem
  • Employing two or more control measures in combination
  • Applying pesticides judiciously
  • Evaluating effectiveness

Specific IPM actions include:

  • Structural repair and maintenance to exclude pests (replacing screen with holes or adding doorand garage stops, etc.)
  • Behavioral modification (properly storing garbage, moving wood away from house, etc.)
  • Precise pesticide applications (injecting a non volatile pesticidal gel in a wall where we have detected pests)
Participation is the Key to Success
Our knowledge of pests and our experience managing them allows us to develop an effective IPM plan. Yet, IPM is always more effective when our customers are actively involved. Your knowledge of your home and surroundings, your observance of pest problems, and your cooperation with us, your pest management company, will ensure that the IPM programsuccessfully rids your home of pests in the most environmentally responsible way.