Species of Roaches Found in Virginia

Cockroaches are widely known across the world and with over 4,500 species found all over earth. Everyone has had the opportunity to know what a cockroach is. Of that whopping number, only 30 or so species are considered pests and Virginia is common ground for four of them.  These cockroaches are found anywhere and everywhere; in homes, businesses, trash heap and sewers. Among the common cockroaches found here are German cockroaches and we at Eagle Pest Services would like to touch on the basics to help you keep them away from your building. 

Identification of Large Wolf Spiders

Some of the biggest spiders in the world can have leg spans of 12 inches! If you have a fear of spiders and live in Virginia, you don’t need to worry. These large spiders are not found in our state. The largest spider in the state of Virginia is the wolf spider, with a leg span of four inches and a body that measures up to 1 ½ inches. The wolf spider is mottled gray to brown in color and has a distinct Union Jack pattern in its back. These spiders are ground dwellers and use a borrow to retreat. They are nocturnal and will hunt at night. They can be unnerving as they move quickly when they are disturbed. They can be found around the home and garden areas in silk lined burrows that may have a lid that is covered to conceal it. The bite of a wolf spider is poisonous but not deadly. They are not aggressive and will typically bite if they are provoked and should be considered dangerous. The bite can be very painful and medical attention is needed as soon as possible.

Facts About Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that solely feed on warm-blooded hosts, favoring human blood.  Being very adaptable, these transient insects are found nearly anywhere; being more concentrated around developed areas.   Bed bugs are small, measuring up to about the size of an apple seed as an adult. They have grayish brown, flat oval-shaped bodies, which after feeding look engorged and redder.  They were named bed bugs because they would commit their criminal acts, stealing your blood as you slept and often before dawn, returning to their hiding places.  When their numbers are small, they generally stick to hiding in the nooks and crannies of your bed but they will hide where they can in the bedroom, sticking close to the meal source. 

Mice Eating Bait Without Springing Traps?

Having mice in the home really is never a good thing; between the destruction they can do and the diseases they spread, many homeowners attempt many methods in an effort to rid their homes from these vile critters, but mouse traps are often a waste of time and money.  So how are mice able to avoid the mouse trap? We at Eagle Pest Services would like to take an opportunity to explain just that.