Woodrats AKA Pack Rats

Virginia is home to several species of rats and other home invading rodents. One common rat species that is found chewing its way into homes and business buildings is the Woodrat or also known as a pack rat due to its tendency to collect things. They hoard items they find that are not even necessary for survival. This species of rat will steal jewelry, kitchenware, and even caps off of cans. Sometimes they will leave one item in place of another, such as trading a pinecone for a lid. The habits and behavior of this rat makes them not only destructive but also an annoyance, especially if they decide to take the car keys. Eagle Pest Services will explain how you can identify and control woodrats around your home.

What is a Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are not just something from children’s rhymes.  They are nasty little nocturnal critters that steal blood while you slumber.  Though these nasty little insects suggest filthy living conditions, despite that is helpful their attempt to hide, even the most pristinely kept homes can have a bed bug infestation.  Considering that, many people have questions concerning bed bugs, and today we at Eagle Pest Services have answered the more commonly asked questions.

How Dry, Wet, Cold Weather & Flooding Affects Pests

Most people are aware that the temperatures outside will affect the types of pests you may see. There is a change in pests just like there is a change in seasons. One myth is that the cold temperatures send pests into hibernation and they are no longer an issue. That is just not true and there are many types of pests that continue to get in homes and infest houses even when it is cold. You can find spiders and rodents to name a couple. When the weather is too cold it will chase them in looking for a place to nest. There are other weather conditions that don’t necessarily have to do with the degrees but more the atmosphere. These different conditions can cause the pests around your home to act much differently.

What Do Wolf Spiders Look Like?

Wolf spiders are one of the largest spiders in Virginia and the way they look and move can make anyone feel uneasy. They are hairy and can get as big as ¼ of an inch to over an inch in size. They have patterns of black, gray and browns with a Union Jack impression on their back. They are nocturnal and stalk their prey much like wolves do which is why they’re called wolf spiders. They are fast moving which makes them even more scary. They have eight eyes arranged in three rows with excellent night vision and can be easily seen at night because their eyes will shine. While many spiders trap their prey in webs, wolf spiders will violently hunt their prey down and use their strong bodies and keen eyesight. Wolf spider eggs will hatch in the spring and the spiderlings will climb on their mother’s back and stay with her all summer, fall, winter and leave her the following spring to be on their own.