Ticks Bite Humans & Pets Spreading Dangerous Diseases

Ticks are known to have nasty bites and carry several types of diseases. They don’t just pose a threat to people but can also threaten our pets. Knowing how to protect yourself and your pet from ticks and what diseases they may carry is greatly beneficial for those who live in areas that have ticks. Eagle Pest Services will share more about the ticks that are found in Virginia and how you can safeguard your home, families and pets.

How To Deal With Flies In Your Home & On Your Property

When you come home on a warm summer day only to find that flies have invaded your house you may wonder what you can do. The first problem is that not all flies are the same that you might see in your home. There are several species that get in homes and they each are a problem for a different reason. The most common way that people usually deal with flies is by grabbing a swatter or a rolled up piece of newspaper. Then you walk around trying catch them one at a time and waiting for the opportune moment to smack. Then you clean up the dead pest and go on to the next one. The biggest trouble with flies is that there usually is never just one. The warm months usually mean that windows and doors are open and that is the way flies get in the house. Flies are not a huge risk for bites but they can carry bacteria and spread it around your food preparation areas. House flies are often found on garbage and pet feces after all. Knowing what type of fly you are dealing with is a great start as well as determining what is drawing them to your home.

Is it Mosquito Season Already?

Mosquitoes are a common enemy of those seeking outdoor activities during the spring and summer. In Virginia, mosquito season officially started in early April and is just going to keep getting worse as the weather warms up. It seems like mosquitoes always come too early and stay too late in the season.  If you are tired of this pest ruining your BBQs, Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about some preventative measures you can take to get ready for mosquito season and talk about what the nature of mosquitoes is from season to season.

Yellow Jacket Identification

Summer time is when the yellow jackets are out terrorizing the masses.  Eagle Pest Control would like to relate some basic information to help keep you safe and aware of what yellow jackets are capable of. Out of the many species of wasps found in the U.S. yellow jackets are the most aggressive of them.  Resembling bees with their bodies colored in traditional warning colors; black and yellow and white black, the major differences in characteristics is that yellow jackets grow up to 1” length, have slender abdomens and fold their wings lengthwise when at rest.