Insects & Bugs that Come Out At Night

Pests are no fun to deal with on any scale. Whether there is one lone pest running across your path or multiple pests in your line of vision, your reaction to them is most likely the same. Pests are considered a pest because they disrupt our everyday life. They don’t really do anything to better the way we live in most occasions. There are some pests that are beneficial to us but the creepiness outweighs their use for many people. As soon as they cross the line and we can see them the more upset people often become. There are pests that no matter what you are doing are there to bother you. This is true when it comes to pesky house flies, bees while you are out swimming and more. Although these are not fun to have around there are some that wait for you to fall asleep before they do their dirty work. They hide in the day and come out at night to cause trouble in and around your home.

How to Avoid Pests This Fall Season

As the temperature starts to cool down, you may notice that pests of all shapes and sizes are starting to seek refuge. Unfortunately, for many people this refuge tends to be their home. Rather than waiting for them to become a problem, taking some proactive measures in safeguarding your home from fall pests will go a long way. Eagle Pest Services is here to share some tips to prepare your home for potential fall pest invaders.

Fear of Spiders

Have you ever wondered why so many people are scared of spiders? It seems as if you took a consensus on what pest people fear most, spiders would top the list. Their creepy crawly looks and stigmatism that follows them around is enough to cause some panic. There are movies that go into the fear of spiders, which is called arachnophobia, and feed on the scariness that surrounds them. People are under the assumption that spiders are dangerous to have in your home and could attack you at any given moment. The fear surrounding them could be because they are always talked about. Is there any real reason to be scared of spiders more so than any other type of pest?

Pavement Ants Build Nests Inside & Outside Your House

Ants are cute in kid movies but they’re just plain annoying in real life! Pavement ants do not cause structural damage but they can still be a pain as they can easily contaminate food. It can be alarming to walk into your kitchen to have them crawling all over the place. Unless the nest is in your home it will be easy to see where they are getting in. Follow the trail and it will lead you to where they are coming in from the outside. Outside the nest will be under stones, along curbs or in the cracks of pavement. Indoors, the nest can be found in walls and under the floors. Just because they’re called pavement ants doesn’t mean that’s the only place you’ll find nests. Other places they will build colonies include under logs or boards and piles of wood.