Little Black Ant Infestations

The Little Black Ant is a common species of ant that is found throughout America. While they can be a year round problem, infestations are worse in the warmer months. Where they are a very small pest to try to manage, you may be pulling your hair out because as soon as you believe you’ve handled their invasion, they are back in a few days or weeks. Eagle Pest Services will share more about these tiny pests and why it is so hard to control or manage little black ants. Nonetheless, with the right management program you can remove these pests from your home.

What Do Hacklemesh Weaver Spiders Look Like?

Your home can be roaming with more than one medium sized brown spider. You may come across a Hacklemesh Weaver Spider without even realizing it. These spiders, with their leg span, are about the diameter of a quarter with the females being slightly larger than the males. Primary colors are black, brown and tan. Overall the body is hairy and ranging in color from brownish-red to so dark they are appear nearly black. The legs are also hairy and might have faint black bands. They also have a chevron pattern that is lighter brown in color and may help you identify them over other house spiders. Hacklemesh spiders are often mistaken for brown recluse spiders but they lack the violin shape marking on their abdomen and fortunately not as venomous. They have adapted very well to living inside. In order for a population to get out of control, there will have to be high moisture levels with lots of places to hide and breed along with lots of food for them to eat, like bugs. Adults can be found all year long with males commonly roaming around in the spring.

What is Biting Me & Leaving Marks?

Do Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Spiders & Millipedes Bite? When you talk about pests most people are worried about them just being in their home. Why are they worried? Most people just don’t want to have a pest coming near them but there are some pests that can and will bite and that is a bigger concern. Pests generally want to stay away from people and will run off if they see someone coming. They are scared of people and will what they can to stay away. But there are times that a pest will come in your home and will get too close to comfort. That means that if you have a biting pest the odds are likely they will bite during these opportune times.

Termite Structural Damage Cost

Because we have just experienced a moderate to mild winter, scientists are warning that it may be a heavy termite season this year. The Southeast is home to many termite species and they are all commonly referred to as the “silent destroyers” for good reason. Termites are known to cause more than $5 billion dollars in property damage each year. That number is devastating for homeowners everywhere. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about different termite species and how to prepare for termite season this year.