Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment

Eagle Pest Services is one of the first pest control companies in our operating area to offer Thermal Remediation® Bed Bug Treatments, the preferred method for treating bed bug infestations in private homes, hotels and apartment complexes.

Instead of relying on chemical pesticides, Thermal Remediation® uses heat to penetrate bed bug harborages. This safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process uses dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs. This process also proves effective agains insecticide-resistant bed bugs.

3 Keys to a Successful Heat Treatment:

  1. Bring Heat. Electric heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135°F.
  2. Monitor. Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.
  3. Move Air. High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

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Bed bugs can't be eliminated with just any general, non-specific treatments. They require professional bed bug extermination services. Eagle Pest Services provides such treatments for eliminating bed bugs. We have been treating residential homes and commercial establishments in The Metro D.C. area for years. We are fully licensed and have professionals eager to provide bed bug treatments beyond your expectations.

Bed Bug Detection & Inspection

Before bed bugs can be treated, they need to be located. Infestations can occur quickly and take over a building within months if left untreated. Eagle Pest Services has experts that have been exposed to the training necessary to find the bed bugs lurking in their many hiding places. Once discovered, termination treatments can begin.

Bed Bug Treatments

There are a couple of procedures that can be conducted to rid your home or business of bed bugs. Pesticides can be used, though they generally have to be applied a few times to ensure the bed bugs demise. The safe formulas used in this treatment are applied everywhere the bed bugs are found, along with the places they are believed to traverse. Another solution to obliterate bed bugs is using a heat treatment which is a far more effective approach.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Utilizing bed bug heat treatments is ideal for people sensitive to chemical use, and who prefer non-toxic solutions. Being considered one of the most superior methods in removing bed bugs, it can penetrate through walls, mattresses and other hard-to-reach places. In a single treatment, the heat method can effectively destroy all bed bugs and their eggs by applying heat evenly throughout the building's structure. Heated temperatures are specific for a few stages of the bed bugs life. Adults and nymphs require 113 degrees for 15 minutes for effective termination. Eggs also need 113 degrees, but need to have the heated temperature for 60 minutes. This thermal heat method reaches the bed bugs no matter where they try to hide. Every room exceeds temperatures that bed bugs cannot withstand. Unable to hide from the heat, they will not be able to endure the scorch and their bodies will shut down. In most cases, only a one time visit is needed, and there will be no worry as to having eggs hatch and take over, as they are also unable to withstand the heat and perish.

Bed Bug Control & Prevention

After your home is secured and free from bed bugs, our specialists can give you some tips and advice to avoid being a victim of any future bed bug infestations. Understanding how a bed bug infestation can occur can help stop them from invading your home. Eagle Pest Services professionals have been accumulating experience around the Metro D.C. area for years, servicing both commercial buildings and residential homes in effective bed bug removal. Having been trained in bed bugs and continuing that ongoing education, our technicians use the highest grade equipment and supplies to completely destroy and remove bed bugs. If you believe you have a bed bug problem, don't waste time and allow the infestation to get worse. Call us today to schedule your appointment.