what to do if silverfish invade

Finding a silverfish in your home can be a difficult experience. These small bugs look like gray or white-ish worms with antennae on their heads, six legs, and three long bristles at the end. These little critters can do a lot of damage inside a home, including eating through books and infesting your pantry. As a home or business owner in any area, you should familiarize yourself with what they look like so that you can quickly identify and stop any problems. Usually, by the time you’ve found one silverfish in your kitchen or bookshelf, the damage has been done and can be difficult to remediate without professional help. 

how to get rid of stink bugs

Summer and fall bring with them a variety of pests, one of the most bothersome being stink bugs. Stink bugs aren’t as “gross” as roaches or ants, as they don’t raid your food cabinet and don’t bite or feed off humans. However, they do - as the name implies - stink! These bugs give off a foul odor when they’re threatened. In the wild, this helps keep predators away. In a home, the smell can last and last. It’s definitely unpleasant to come home to stink bug odor, and unfortunately these critters seek shelter in homes when the weather is too hot or too cold. Here are a few tips on getting rid of stink bugs in your home. 

Bees fly out and return to the hive in the summer.

Bees will travel quite a distance from their hives to seek food. Seeing these pollinators is common and even a welcome sight, especially for gardeners. When you're seeing a high rate of activity and high numbers of bees, it could mean there's a hive nearby. 

top 10 mosquito prevention tips

Taking these DIY steps to tackle those pesky mosquitoes that seem to appear out of nowhere can help, although severe infestations often require professional pest services.