Australian deadly poisonous red back spider female also known as Black Widow Latrodectus hasselti.

Spiders are both feared and loved, considered friend and foe. On the one hand, they get rid of pesky bugs like mosquitos and flies, on the other hand, many are venomous. Some people have a fear of spiders for this reason - even though science says that only about one percent of spider species are actually dangerous to humans. 

Common red and black cockroach on kitchen sponge. Concept of dirt in the kitchen, problem with insects

Roaches are the most common pest for any apartment dweller. These bugs are attracted to the scent of food, and building living is a haven for roaches, who go from apartment to apartment, nesting and procreating. Of course, these bugs are unsightly and gross most people out - this is because they crawl on food and can spread disease. Unfortunately, in such close quarters it may be difficult to contain a widespread roach infestation, as it largely also depends on the cleanliness of your neighbors and what steps they’ve taken to eradicate the infestation, if any. 

a Flour Moth Pantry Moth

It’s not a great feeling when you open up your cabinets or pantry and you notice moths have decided to make themselves at home. This pest is likely not just any moth, but the Indian meal moth, aka “the pantry moth.” These moths can infest any number of common household foods, including bags or boxes of flour, grains, dried beans, seeds, nuts, cereals, and dry pet foods

how to prevent clothing moths in your closet

Clothing moths are an all too common pest throughout the country. They’re not as vulgar as cockroaches or flies, as they don’t carry disease or eat through your pantry - but they cause damage of another kind. If you’re particular about your clothes and fabrics, you don’t want to wait around to get rid of a moth infestation. As soon as you see one moth, it is time to start preventative measures. You may not even see the moths, as they are adept hiders who avoid the light and nest in the darkest recesses of your closets. However, if you’re pulling out clothing items and suddenly finding holes, you may want to do a closer inspection.