top 10 mosquito prevention tips

Taking these DIY steps to tackle those pesky mosquitoes that seem to appear out of nowhere can help, although severe infestations often require professional pest services.

most common garden pests in virginia

There are quite a variety of common garden pests found in Virginia. Some of these pests are actually good to keep around, but some are destructive and should be dealt with as soon as you notice them in order to prevent an infestation. Many of the “good pests” actually help control the destructive ones that you don't want around.

how to spot ticks on your kids and pets

Ticks attach themselves to the skin of humans and pets to feed on their blood. Once a tick attaches it will typically remain there until it is either removed or until it dies. They are drawn to particular areas of the body as they seek warmth and discreet places to hide. The head, groin and torso areas are common places to find ticks on humans. 

ants gathering on surface

Protecting your home from ants isn't just a matter of taking precautions with the interior areas, it’s important to also be proactive by making your exterior spaces uninviting for ants.