Wood Roaches VS American Cockroaches

Wood cockroaches are a species of roach that is found throughout Virginia. This species typically prefers to remain outdoors. When they do occasionally wander indoors, they are often mistaken for an American cockroach due to their similar appearance. Eagle Pest Services would like to share more about the woods cockroaches and how to properly identify them and what you can do to help prevent them from wandering into your home.

Parson Spiders in My House?

There have been a number of reported sightings of the parson spider in many Virginia homes these past few months. The parson spider often invades homes during the winter to avoid the cold. Most parson spider sightings occur during the winter season and also during the spring and summer during their breeding season. When parson spiders invade, they are regarded as a nuisance rather than a threat. Parson spider bites aren’t harmful to humans in most cases. Nonetheless, there have been a small number of people that have had an allergic reaction and needed treatment. Today Eagle Pest Services will share how to identify and control parson spiders if you find them in your home.

How Did the Red Imported Fire Ant Get to the United States?

Red imported fire ants or RIFAs originated in South America. It’s believed that they arrived in the southern United States around the 1930’s on ships from South America. They expanded quickly and now occupy 13 U.S. states. This species of ants can be introduced into a new area in potted plants shrubs and trees.

Busting Bed Bug Myths

There are myths floating around any industry, especially when it comes to pests.   Though volumes of books could be written to explain the myths that are simply not true concerning the many pests we have, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to explain the facts concerning a handful of the most common myths regarding bed bugs.