Get Rid of Mice There is more to the process of tackling a mouse problem than just removing the mice. It's also vital to find out where they are entering the dwelling and solve that issue so a reinfestation doesn't occur.

Household Spiders For many of us, seeing any type of spider indoors can cause alarm. It’s good to be familiar with the common types of household spiders and to know whether they pose a health risk. They aren’t all cause for panic. Some can actually be beneficial in controlling other insects. You can identify some spiders by web patterns but it’s much easier to identify most spiders by color, shape, and markings.

Signs of Bed Bugs Despite a bed bug’s small stature, only growing to 4 to 7 mm long when mature - it’s very possible to see bed bugs with the naked eye. It’s also even more likely that you will see evidence of their activity in an area of infestation.

Differences between common stinging insects Whether it’s a bee or wasp that is threatening you while you’re outdoors it’s a little scary when one of these winged insects flies near. There are species of wasps, bees and hornets that are more dangerous and painful than others though.