Commercial Pest Services

Commercial Pest Services

Eagles Pest Services is an innovator in pest control services, and we employ licensed and skilled technicians to assist you with your pest control needs. Our treatment plans are custom-tailored to your business, and performed at times that are convenient and have minimal impact on your operations and customer base.

We provide service to a diverse range of commercial establishments, including:

Eagle Pest Services is one of only 2 pest control companies in our operating area to offer Thermal Remediation® Bed Bug Treatments, the preferred method for treating bed bug infestations in hotels and apartment complexes. 

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 Pests have been a nuisance in commercial establishments since man settled into the Metro D.C. area, but luckily for the folks running businesses in modern society, they have Eagle Pest Services to help in the fight against pests. Our professionals have been masterfully trained in the field of pest control, and continue with ongoing education and training to keep up to par with the latest in methods, techniques, equipment and chemical use. Combined with our expertise and professional grade supplies, we have the fortitude to remove pest infestations and prevent future intrusions.

Custom Pest Control for Every Business

Warehouses, office buildings, retail, banks, medical institutions, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels or motels and many other establishments require pest control. The specific type of business as well as the products and services offered determines the types of pests most likely to be attracted to a property. That’s why custom pest control is so important for every business. Eagle Pest Services consults with local business owners and managers to provide optimal pest control customized to your specific company’s needs.

Commercial Rodent Control

Rodents are a big problem for commercial establishments. Rodents seek shelter, food and water. If nesting materials and sources of nourishment are available, rodents will try to invade. Having mice or rats running amuck in your commercial space is bad for business on many levels. Customers will be instantly repulsed, and the reputation of your company will suffer. Mice and rats not only carry diseases, but they can also cause costly damage. If you notice even one rodent infiltrating your business, hire a reputable pest control service like the professionals at Eagle Pest Control Services. We can remove the little critters, and discuss solutions to prevent future infestations.

Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Throughout most of our lives, bed bugs have become a more recent problem. Having been minimized shortly after WWII, bed bugs have made quite a comeback in the recent decade. Preferring to feast on human blood, they are naturally drawn to people. Being that commercial facilities typically cater to the general public, they are at high risk of bed bugs invading their premises. Despite their name, bed bugs can be found nearly everywhere; on airplanes and public transportation, hotel/motel accommodations and movie theatres to name a few. As tiny as they are, bed bugs have the capability to hide in the slightest crevices and cracks, making detection difficult to the untrained person. With Eagle Pest Services, we have the formal training and experience to ensure all bed bugs are found in our thorough inspection process, and efficiently exterminated with our effective heat treatments. With routine visits, your commercial building will be better safeguarded from future infestations.

Restaurant & Commercial Indoor Fly Control

Flies are an extreme annoyance. When flies are infiltrating your commercial building in droves, it can drive employees and customers crazy! There a number of species in the fly family, but a few specific ones that buzz through the various areas of the Metro D.C. area are House Flies, Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, Cluster Flies, and Blow AKA Bottle Flies. Given that flies are attracted to excrement, the mere sight of them can make folks uncomfortable. Their annoying presence isn't the only issue as they have the capability to transmit disease in multiple ways. Having a fly infestation can be detrimental to your business. Having Eagle Pest Services exterminate infestations and control their numbers, is not only better for business, but for your sanity as well! Eagle Pest Services is fully licensed. Our professionals are rigorously trained, and are up to any task concerning pests. To schedule an appointment, give us a call and we can consult with you on your concerns and offer our effective solutions.

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