Termite DamageTermites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes throughout the United States every year, according to the National Pest Management Association. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, damaging the wood in and around a structure. Left untreated, termites in your home can cause major damage, and require expensive structural and cosmetic repairs.

Termite control should only be performed by a licensed pest control professional. Effective termite control is difficult or impossible for homeowners to achieve on their own.

Initially, your pest control professional will perform a thorough inspection to document the location and extent of infestation from termites. On completion, you will be presented with a comprehensive plan for controlling the termites in your home. This plan will set you on your way to peace of mind again, knowing that your home is pest-free.

There may be several treatment options available for controlling termites in your home, depending on the species of termite, the location of infestation, and the type of construction in the home or building. These can include liquid termiticide application and/or termite baiting.

Preventative measures that you can take to prevent termites include removing conditions that are conducive to termite survival. Preventing moisture accumulation around the foundation of your home is your first line of defense. Areas of concern include:

  • properly functioning downspouts and gutters
  • proper crawl space ventilation
  • functioning crawl space vents, not obstructed by shrubs
  • removal of old form boards and stakes after construction
  • removal of old tree stumps and roots from around and beneath the building
  • elimination of all wood to ground contact

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Termites have plagued mankind for centuries. Home and business owners residing in the Metro D.C. area have felt their devastating presence. With termite infestations, people need to be very cautious in trying to treat them. Ensuring that termites have been completely detected and exterminated is the only way to preserve your home or business. Eagle Pest Services is the pest control company that can do just that. We are fully licensed and our professionals have accumulated years of experience. We have the expertise to meticulously search and destroy.

Wood Eating Termites

Termites are wood obliterators that possess the effectiveness to destroy structures with severe damage along with wooden furniture or decor you have within your home or business. Termites prefer rotten or decaying wood to infest, but will also go after dry timber used in framing buildings for residential and commercial structures. Termites are active all year long, however, during the spring, termite swarmers look to develop new colonies.

Eastern Subterranean Termites

Eastern subterranean termites form their colonies underground and will manufacture mud tubes for their food supply. These termites are whitish in color and have no wings. The reproductive termites are black, and are more commonly referred to as swarmers. As previously mentioned, the swarmers will go forth to produce new colonies in the spring time and that is when they are generally spotted. Termites can build their colonies on the interior or exterior of your home or business. Discovering the queen is very rare, as she is usually kept well protected deep underground.

Signs of Termite Infestations

A termite’s diet is not limited to wood. They also binge on wood made products, leaf litter, dung and soil. To help identify termites, you should know they are roughly the size of ants but their anatomy is quite different. Mud tubes and damaged wood could indicate a termite infestation. If you believe you have termites, contact our office at Eagle Pest Services. Our professionals can assess the situation and confirm their presence, and take the appropriate actions.

Termite Inspection Report

A common question concerning termites is; "If my neighbor has termites, do I?" The answer could be yes, as well as no. Termites can spread over an entire neighborhood, especially every spring when the swarmers leave their current colony to build up a new one. If your neighbor hasn't had a professional contain and neutralize the problem, the colonies could very well be infesting your home or business as well. If you hear of a termite infestation close by, it's always best to have the experts from Eagle Pest Services come to you and perform an in depth inspection. If they are detected we can execute protocols and solutions to remove the termites.

Termite Control

Termites are more than frustrating to have infesting your home. The amount of destruction they can cause is not only overwhelming, it can be very costly. If you believe you are subject to a termite infestation on your commercial or residential property, you need to call in the big guns from Eagle Pest Services. Our professionals are first in their class and can ensure the termite infestation is efficiently eradicated. Call us now. The sooner we can do our job and eradicate your termite infestation, the better off your home or business will be.