Venomous Yellow Sac Spiders

The Yellow Sac Spider is a common spider that is found in our home state of Virginia. In fact, this spider species is considered to be one of Virginia's most dangerous. However their venom is much weaker than a recluse spider bite. Even so, a Yellow Sac spider bite can leave skin tissue damage and can resemble a brown recluse bite. This spider will accidentally wander into homes as they hunt and are in search of food. They hide during the day and encounters in most cases are accidental. Due to their bite they are an unwelcome guest that should be prevented. Eagle Pest Services will share how to identify and control yellow sac spiders.

Is Your Home a Habitat for a White Footed Mouse?

There are a number of pests that will invade homes come the fall season. One is the White Footed Mouse. These little rodents are often found invading homes during both spring and fall, just before extreme weather sets in. You may have already seen them roaming around your home. Before autumn, they will begin collecting food for winter much like squirrels. If you’ve seen a white footed mouse foraging around your home, there is a good chance they have made a nest nearby or inside your home. Eagle Pest Services will share how to identify and control white footed mice.

Are You Ready for Fall Insects & Pests

It's almost that time of year when folks will begin putting away the summer toys and break out the fall décor. With summer shortly coming to an end, your list of to-dos is sure to be long. This means boxes will be moved and sifted through that probably haven't been disturbed in months! The last thing anybody wants is to have a tiny visitor crawl out onto their hands while they are grabbing last year's scarecrow décor but it's likely inevitable. Unless you’re a customer of Eagle Pest Services that is! In lieu of the weather changing, we thought it would be fitting to point out some of the most common basement pests found in Virginia. If you've already been a regular client of Eagle Pest Services, you won't have to worry too much about running across these creepy crawlies. Otherwise, here is a short list of what you may run into this fall!

Brown Wolf Spiders

The wolf spider is one of the largest species of spiders found in the state of Virginia and is occasionally seen wandering inside homes. Wolf spiders live interesting lives. Nonetheless, we many homeowners would like to know how to prevent them from wandering into their homes. Eagle Pest Services would like to share some facts about the wolf spider and a few tips on how you can prevent them from invading your home.