American, German & Oriental Cockroaches

When you start to notice pests in your house it is important to have your home treated as soon as possible. There are some pests that cause damage to your home while others can be harmful to your health. A pest that will send you running for cover happens to be the cockroach. They are a pest that no one wants to have around and most people are under that impression that they only come into dirty homes. That is really not the truth in any way. Cockroaches can find what they need to survive in just about any home. There are several types of cockroaches that you might see scurrying around your home. There are American, German and Oriental cockroaches that are found most commonly. They each have their own unique characteristics that make them identifiable. No matter what kind of cockroach you have, if you are seeing them you need to get treatment for the infestation fast. Cockroaches are able to reproduce quickly in quite a short amount of time. They also have been linked to trouble with asthma and allergies. When you have your home treated for cockroaches you want to know what you are going to expect.

Ants are a Nuisance & Can Cause Injury & Property Damage

Ants top the list of the pests that are commonly infesting homes and businesses.  More often than not, they are discovered in the kitchen, thieving any food they can get.  Instinct compels people to grab the first kitchen cleaning chemical they can reach and spray furiously at the line of marching ants.  Once the corpses are dealt with, the victor goes about their business, only to see the line of marching ants once again within a few hours or days. Being that many different species of ants can easily have hundreds or thousands of members in the colony, it is really not hard to fathom the return of these ants to forage promised food.  To ensure ants in general are effectively removed from homes and businesses, it often takes a skilled professional armed with expertise and quality products.  Not only are ants an annoyance, but most can deliver painful stings in an effort to protect the colony, nest, and most importantly, the queen. Among the variety of ants common to Virginia, Odorous Ants are fairly common. At this time, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to share some basic information concerning odorous ants.

Harmful Pests that Bite, Spread Disease, Cause Property Damage & More

Humans have a natural fear of bugs and insects. It may be due to the creepy appearance or natural instinct that they can cause us harm. Indeed, there are some insects and pests you should be fearful of and want to keep out of your home. While each pest varies across America, today Eagle Pest Services will help you learn more about the harmful pests founds in Virginia.

What Happens to Spiders When it Gets Cold?

Spiders are a common nemesis for homeowners everywhere. They make their way into our homes and their webs start to fill all the corners of our walls. Every year there is hope that the spider problem might not be as bad as the year before with no luck. Spiders seem to have a super strength that helps them forge through the winter months. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about the different ways that spiders will work to survive the coldest months of the year.