What Time of Day Do Mosquitoes Come Out?

One of the most irritating bugs you will encounter this summer is the mosquito. They seem to emerge from their hideouts as the sun is coming up or going down; basically the most comfortable hours of the day during the summer. Not only are their bites itchy and uncomfortable, they also pack a serious health risk as well. There are several diseases that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, but three of them stand out and are more common. Eagle Pest Services is here to share some information about the three most common diseases that people suffer from after being bit by a mosquito.

Cockroach Allergy Treatment & Prevention

When you are suffering from allergies, there is no arguing that it is miserable. The watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat are torturous. These symptoms are often chalked up to outdoor culprits, but there are actually other causes of these same symptoms. One of them being cockroach infestations. Both cockroaches and dust mites have been linked to causing severe allergies in adults and children. They can even cause problems like asthma if infestations are severe. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about cockroach allergies and how you can prevent them.

Aim for a Fly Free Restaurant

Your restaurant is all about the food and ambience. If the food is crawling with flies and the mood is tainted with buzzing of their annoying behavior, the whole dining experience is ruined because of this tiny insect. Keeping flies out of your commercial kitchen should be one of the top priorities whether you work in or run a restaurant of any kind. Ensuring your restaurant is free from pests, including flies, is a major element to the success of your business. In effort to help you deal with any current fly infestation and prevent future flies in your kitchen and dining area, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to share some tips and suggestions.

Termite Damage Statistics

Termites are a menace, a plague on any home. They can go unseen for months and even years. By the time you realize you have a termite infestation, the extent of the damage is beyond believable, leaving you with costly repairs. On average in the United States alone, termites are discovered in 5 million homes each year and billions of dollars a year are spent in termite repairs. Knowing what to look for and understanding the steps is essential to protect your home from termites and we at Eagle Pest Services would like to elaborate on that today.