Termites Are Active in Winter!

The cold winter months often cause many different living creatures to hibernate or fall dormant until the cold temperatures climb back up. Pests are included, often giving people a relief from their annoying habits and infestations. There are still quite a few pests that still run rampant all year long, however, and they are often the ones that cause a lot of concern. Just because it has grown cold and we are in the midst of winter, doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Termites are one of the many pests that are vigilant all year long and they subsequently, cause the most destruction on homes and businesses. Reported termite infestations have cost home and business owners in the U.S. alone billions of dollars a year due to the damage they cause consuming the wood and other cellulose materials used to construct buildings and possessions. At this time, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to discuss termite general habits during the winter.

Why Are There Clover Mites in My House?

Clover mites are considered a nuisance pest that are often found in homes and businesses during the fall and spring months although they can also be seen on sunny days in the winter. Clover mites are small, similar in size to the head of a pin with red to red-brown bodies. When crushed, they will leave behind tiny red spots. Clover mites do not cause damage inside homes and unlike other types of mites they do not seek a blood meal from either humans or animals. The mite’s primary food source is the sap from grass but they will also feed on different types of plants. During the cooler weather, Clover mites can often be seen in large numbers on windows, tree trunks and a variety of other surfaces in search of a safe place to hide. Often times they will crawl into gaps around foundation walls, under siding, roofing, or gaps around windows. Homeowners often find them on window sills and walls located on the sunny side of their property in large numbers. Although extremely cold weather slows down mite activity, it will resume as soon as the weather begins to warm up. Once active, the mites will begin their journey to return to the lawns where they will begin to feed again.

American, German & Oriental Cockroaches

When you start to notice pests in your house it is important to have your home treated as soon as possible. There are some pests that cause damage to your home while others can be harmful to your health. A pest that will send you running for cover happens to be the cockroach. They are a pest that no one wants to have around and most people are under that impression that they only come into dirty homes. That is really not the truth in any way. Cockroaches can find what they need to survive in just about any home. There are several types of cockroaches that you might see scurrying around your home. There are American, German and Oriental cockroaches that are found most commonly. They each have their own unique characteristics that make them identifiable. No matter what kind of cockroach you have, if you are seeing them you need to get treatment for the infestation fast. Cockroaches are able to reproduce quickly in quite a short amount of time. They also have been linked to trouble with asthma and allergies. When you have your home treated for cockroaches you want to know what you are going to expect.

Ants are a Nuisance & Can Cause Injury & Property Damage

Ants top the list of the pests that are commonly infesting homes and businesses.  More often than not, they are discovered in the kitchen, thieving any food they can get.  Instinct compels people to grab the first kitchen cleaning chemical they can reach and spray furiously at the line of marching ants.  Once the corpses are dealt with, the victor goes about their business, only to see the line of marching ants once again within a few hours or days. Being that many different species of ants can easily have hundreds or thousands of members in the colony, it is really not hard to fathom the return of these ants to forage promised food.  To ensure ants in general are effectively removed from homes and businesses, it often takes a skilled professional armed with expertise and quality products.  Not only are ants an annoyance, but most can deliver painful stings in an effort to protect the colony, nest, and most importantly, the queen. Among the variety of ants common to Virginia, Odorous Ants are fairly common. At this time, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to share some basic information concerning odorous ants.