Woman cleaning kitchen in springtimeSpring has sprung and with its arrival comes warmer weather, flowers in full bloom and of course, pests. The team at Eagle Pest Services is here to help you understand how to avoid a springtime pest infestation. With these tips in hand, you can prepare your home so that you can relax and enjoy a pest-free springtime.

Occasional Invaders boxelder bugs cluster flies and clover mitesWhile everyone is very familiar with the typical pests like termites and bed bugs, what about pests that only come around every so often? These occasional invaders often catch homeowners by surprise and can cause serious stress to you and your family. The team at Eagle Pest Services has put together this guide to help you learn about occasional invaders and how to prepare for a surprise infestation.

Top 5 Reasons Pests are Entering Your HomePests can be relentless at times. In fact, every day, your home is at risk of being infiltrated by pests. That’s why the professionals at Eagle Pest Services have put together this article to help you stay prepared for pests at all times. By understanding just why pests are attracted to your home, you can take the proper steps to keep them away for years to come.

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your HomeNobody wants to find a rodent in their home, but let’s face it: your home may be an easy target for a rodent infestation, especially during the winter. Rodents are incredibly resourceful creatures, and if you aren’t taking the proper steps to prepare your home, you are likely to be at risk for a rodent problem. As the weather cools, the warmth of our homes is just as enticing to rodents as it is to us. While these furry creatures mean no harm, they still shouldn’t be welcome in your home. That’s why we’ve put together this post to help you prevent a rodent problem before it begins.