Prevent Mice in Your Home

Mice are an invasive species all over the world, and unfortunately, no one is immune to their scourge. These tiny rodents were brought to North America by colonists in the early 16th century, and have been invading people’s homes since. Mice can fit through a space the size of a nickel and produce a new litter every 20 days, so they can take over a space quickly if no precautions are taken.

Prevent Mice, Prevent Disease

These critters have always preferred to live close to humans, in barns, basements, garages, and even inside the walls of homes. Unfortunately, they also carry a variety of diseases including salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM or LCMV), and more. Rodents can also spread fleas. These are all extremely dangerous to humans, especially pregnant women, small children, and even pets. It is vital to take good care of your home in order to prevent mice.

3 Best Ways to Keep Mice Out

While it is a good idea to generally keep your house clean, there are a few things you should always do, otherwise, you may find yourself overrun by mice. Remember, mice are searching for food and shelter, and a messy home with food crumbs provides both shelter and sustenance.

1. Never, ever, leave open food. You may want to sweep or vacuum regularly to pick up any crumbs throughout the home. Children and pets can spread crumbs and food, so it is vital to keep a watchful eye. You may also want to keep any pet food bowls away and in the fridge when your animal friends aren’t eating. Regularly leaving out food will attract mice without exception. It may also attract other bugs like flies and cockroaches.

2. Stay clutter-free. Clutter is another way to attract rodents, as it provides them ample space to shelter. As much as possible, clean out your attic, basement, garage, and any other place that may contain boxes of stuff. If you’ve got a space in your home where you store things like holiday decor, old papers, magazines, sports equipment, canned food stock - or whatever you use your personal space for - make sure it stays clean and organized. If you have boxes of sentimental items or other important things, you may want to consider stashing things in heavy-duty plastic tubs. Mice chew through most things, so people’s stored items become a casualty when rodents invade.

3. Fix and seal entry points. Because mice are genetically gifted with ultimate flexibility, they can climb through any hole, even ones the size of a coin. When the weather turns cold, mice are looking to get closer to humans - where it is warm. People also experience a surge of rodents when there’s construction nearby, as they run from house to house. Other factors may cause mice to run from your neighbor’s homes right into yours. It’s important to check the inside and outside of your home for holes and cracks. Check the frames of the windows and doors. Replace any screens if necessary. As always, check those rarely-used places like the basement, attic, garage, and shed. The best way to keep mice out of your home is to physically make sure they can’t get into your home.

Finally: If you already have mice, call professional pest control. If you’ve already caught multiple mice, hear scratching in the walls, or find rodent droppings in your home, you’ll want to call an expert right away. At Eagle Eye Pest Services, our pros can quickly find the nest and use the proper method to get rid of mice for good. Call us at 1-888-616-8739 and deal with a rodent infestation quickly.