Having unwanted pests in your home can put you and your family at risk for not just bug bites but possibly the spread of illness from pest infestations. There's plentiful information available online regarding pests and pest control but along with all that information comes some misinformation.

This is our top list of common misconceptions.

1) Pest control is only needed during the summer. While it is true that you'll generally see more pest activity during warmer months, it is not true that pests are only a problem in the summer. Depending on the type of pest and environment there can be just as many nuisances in cooler months.

Many pests can infest homes any time of the year. Rodents are an example of a pest that can be a year-round problem. When colder weather approaches it is not unusual for rodents to find their way in as they seek food and shelter. Cockroaches are another nuisance pest that can wreak havoc during cooler months. They can spread bacteria and destroy stored food items.

2) Clean homes don't have pest problems. A tidy home may indeed be less inviting to pests, yet it's not a foolproof deterrent. Clean and well-maintained homes and businesses most certainly do experience pest infestations.

Pests typically enter homes and businesses to seek out food. A clean home still provides this temptation. Many factors put some areas in homes more at risk than others such as kitchens or spaces where food is stored.

3) Professional pest control is not needed unless there is an infestation. Pests can infest quickly and multiply rapidly. When the first signs of any pests are noticed, there may already be a bigger pest problem you don't see. At the first sign of pests, it is recommended you take action by contacting a pest control company.

Some signs to look for are droppings around or near walls or in stored boxed items. Often pests such as rodents will leave telltale evidence of their presence in the form of shredded paper they use as a nest. Chewed-up food packaging is also a sign pests could be making their way in.

4) Once you get rid of an infestation they won't come back and one treatment is enough. Pests are extremely resilient. They enter indoor spaces through many routes. Knocking out an existing infestation is vital to keep pests under control but prevention from further problems is vital.

The reason you may see a return of certain pests even after they've been treated is that one treatment often isn't enough. Further treatments may be recommended to prevent future infestations and a professional pest control company is your best defense.

5) Pests are only active at night when homes are quiet. There's a variety of pests that are known to be active day and night so it shouldn't be a surprise if you're seeing them during daytime hours.

Pests such as cockroaches and mice are known to be most active after dark when homes are less noisy. But pests such as ants and other insects can be active day or night. It's important to know that just because you can't always see pests, they can still be present. They are very adept at hiding.

Professional pest control technicians are trained and come prepared with the right equipment to get pest problems taken care of. Effectively treating an active infestation and prevention to help protect your home or business from a future pest problem is best left to the experts so you can have peace of mind.

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