Spring opens the Door for Cockroaches


One of the most common insects that humans will ever come into contact with is the cockroach. Spring is prime time for many insects to begin reproducing and swarming. Warm temperatures provide a perfect environment for many different species to grow and increase in number, making the possibility of a pest infestation occurring within the walls of your home increase this time of year. Cockroaches are no exception, and many home and business owners are unaware that they have a cockroach problem until it is out of control and impossible to remedy on their own. Eagle Pest Services is your number one choice for cockroach control and will eliminate cockroaches that are in your home or on your property.


What Makes Cockroaches So Resilient?

Cockroaches are extremely resilient and have the ability to adapt to almost any type of environment. This means that whether the temperature drops to unseasonably cold or sky rockets to a stifling heat, you can bet that the cockroaches in and around your home have managed to find a way to stay alive. Not only have they survived any harsh weather circumstance that has been thrown their way, but they have probably also found a way to reproduce and grow in numbers. Many home owners that attempt to remove the presence of cockroaches on their own end up feeling frustrated due to the impressive resiliency of the cockroach.


Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are always associated with filth and garbage. Many cockroaches can be found crawling through dumpsters or dirty motel rooms. While these are areas that are likely to have cockroach problems, a clean home is not off the radar of a cockroach. Cockroaches have the ability to crawl through the smallest hole they can find to gain access into your home. Once inside, they will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source as well as a place to nest to reproduce. The most dangerous part of a cockroach infestation occurring within the walls of your home is the diseases that roaches carry with them. One of the most common diseases that cockroaches carry on their legs and bodies is gastroenteritis. This disease results in severe diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms. Cockroaches can transmit this disease to humans by contaminating food with germs they pick up from latrines, garbage dumpsters and other filthy sources.


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