How to Prevent & Identify Cockroaches in Your Home.


Cockroaches are one of those types of pests that are really not good for anything and can cause some panic when you see one run across the floor. They are a sneaky pest and hide during the day so they are not seen. At night when the house is dark and quiet they tend to sneak out and go on the hunt for food and water. That is why most people tend to see them when they go in the kitchen for a late night snack. When you turn on the light, they all run to the edge of the room and hide under a cabinet or appliance. Once you start to see pests such as cockroaches around your home, the problem is worse than you think. Cockroaches are very cautious and will stay hidden so that you are not aware of their presence. If you see just a few, there are likely many more you aren't seeing.


Eagle Pest Services Lists How to Identify Cockroaches & What You Can Do To Prevent Roaches in Your Home.


How To Prevent Cockroaches: If you want to prevent cockroaches from getting into your home you need to work on taking away their food and water sources. Cockroaches are able to eat very small bits of food so a crumb is enough to coax them inside. If you have any leftover food on the counters, floors or on dirty dishes you are certainly feeding cockroaches. They will come out under the cover of darkness to feed on food particles. You also want to seal up any entry points and access areas that pests including cockroaches can gain access to your home through. You can do this by inspecting your home and using some kind of caulk to seal up any of those gaps you find.

What Kind Of Cockroaches Are There: There are five main cockroaches that you will come across in most areas of the United States. Wood Roaches are the most common cockroach found in Virginia. They are black or red-brown in color with a white margin on the area right behind their head. They do fly unlike other roaches. The American Cockroach is the largest roach found in Virginia, coming in around three inches in length. They are able to be identified by their burgundy red coloring and the yellow band that runs down their back. They also have fully developed wings and will fly. Another common cockroach you might see in Virginia is the German Cockroach. They are smaller in size and reach less than three quarters of an inch. They are tan in color and have a set of black stripes that extend the length of their back. They also have wings but tend to run only and will not fly unless they fell there is no other option. Brownbanded Cockroaches are small to medium roaches. They are similar to the German cockroach but have white bands across the center of their body. Finally, Oriental Cockroaches are a very dark brown in color. They are wingless and are sometimes referred to as "waterbugs".


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