If you Think you Don’t Have a bug Problem, You’re Wrong


Many homeowners make the huge mistake of not hiring a professional pest control service to regularly treat their home. We are a few weeks into spring and if you have not seen any insects around or inside of your home, you may be thinking you have no need for a professional pest control service. This type of thinking could potentially leave you with a major pest infestation throughout your home by the end of the summer. Do not assume that your home is immune to insects and rodents this spring and upcoming summer. Contact Eagle Pest Services today to begin regular maintenance visits from a professional pest technician.



The Sight of One or Two Bugs or Insects is Most Likely a Sign of Pest Infestation


Every once in a while you may see a roach crawling across your living room floor or a rogue ant searching the shelves of your kitchen pantry. You may think this is no big deal and what harm can one single insect do? The truth is there is hardly ever just one single insect crawling around your home. Insects generally travel in numbers, so if you see one, that usually means that their family is hiding out somewhere within the walls of your home. Cockroaches are very sneaky and usually only move around at night when the lights are out and they cannot easily be detected. The same goes for many other insects and rodents too.



Hire Eagle Pest Services to Keep your Home Pest Free in Northern Virginia, Stafford, Warrenton, Manassas, Culpeper, Chantilly, Leesburg VA and Gaithersburg Maryland


Insects and rodents of every kind have the ability to squeeze or crawl through the smallest crack or crevice that they can find to gain access into your home. When you hire Eagle Pest Services to regularly treat your home, you eliminate the presence of these pests that have found a way into your home. A professional pest inspection from will alert you to any areas of your home that are in need of repair to keep insects and rodents out. Regularly scheduled maintenance plans from Eagle Pest Services will also take care of insects that peak at certain times of the year. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and equipped with the latest and most effective tools to keep insects and rodents away from your home all year long. If you think that you may have a problem with insects or rodents getting into your home, or you are ready to take the first step towards a completely pest free home, contact Eagle Pest Services today