Eagle Pest Services is Experienced in Dealing with Spiders in Northern Virginia


There is one insect that will send chills up your spine quicker than others and that is the spider. The sight of a spider seems to send most humans into a tail spin of terror and panic. While this is sometimes fun to watch from a distance, the experience can be quite traumatic if you go through it yourself. Of course most spider species are harmless and will leave you alone, however there are a few species of spiders crawling around Northern Virginia that you should be mindful of. Eagle Pest Services pest technicians are skilled, experienced and very knowledgeable when it comes to spiders that can potentially harm you.


Beware of the Venomous Southern Black Widow Bite

One of the most venomous spiders found in Northern Virginia today is the Southern Black Widow Spider. The black widow is also one of the most identifiable spiders in the state and across the county, easily identified by the red hour glass shape that is located on the bottom of its abdomen.  The black widow spider spins a web to catch its prey and does most of this activity during the night. These spiders are nocturnal and hide out during the day away from their web, which is curiously enough when most bites occur. Black widows are shy spiders, but if you place your hands into dark areas that are difficult to see, like behind a shelf in a dark closet, then you are likely to be bitten. Contact a medical professional immediately if you have experienced a black widow bite. If you see black widows near your home or on your property, contact Eagle Pest Services today.


Carolina Wolf Spider Control in Your Northern Virginia House

Wolf spiders in northern Virginia are actually called Carolina Wolf Spiders. This species of wolf spider is the largest in the United States. Wolf spiders are a species of spider that will in fact shoot shills up your spine. They are large in size, reaching about 35 millimeters in body length. Wolf spiders are covered in hair, resembling a tarantula on a smaller scale. The wolf spider does not spin a web; rather it hunts on the ground, chasing down prey at a very rapid speed. A wolf spider bite is not venomous, but it can be very painful. If you see wolf spiders in or around your home, contact the pest professionals at Eagle Pest Services today to remove them from your house.



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There are other dangerous venomous spider species besides the black widow found in Northern Virginia. Also found here are the Brown Recluse and various species of the Sac spider. Many venomous spiders like these look a lot like harmless spiders so it is important to call a professional exterminator if you see spiders in your home or business. Northern New Jersey is also home to many other spider species as such as grass, weaver, garden, fishing, hunter, parson, crab, cellar and house spiders. Call Eagle Pest Services for all your local pest control needs!