Eagle Pest Services are Experts at Keeping Flies Away from Your Home


There is nothing quite as annoying as a buzzing fly around your house that you cannot seem to get rid of. What makes it even more annoying is when it is accompanied by more flies. Spring time is prime time for flies to begin occupying your yard and gain access into your home. Not only is the presence of flies extremely irritating, but flies are also responsible for transmitting diseases and contaminating food. House flies are capable of contaminating food and transmitting diseases like malaria, salmonella and tuberculosis. Eagle Pest Services will remove flies from your home and protect you and your family from these harmful pathogens.  Eagle Pest technicians specialize in knowing exactly how to keep flies away from your home for good.


How to Get Rid of Flies Around Your Home & Patio

There are a handful of steps you can take to limit the amount of flies that are buzzing around your home. One of the biggest attractions to a fly is garbage, if you do not have your garbage tightly stored away and taken out when it is full, then you will definitely be inviting flies over to stay for a while. Sanitation is the most effective and important step in reducing the amount of flies around your home. Be sure that your garbage bins have tight fitting lids to reduce the amount of flies that linger outside of your home. If you have a pet, be sure to clean up their feces quickly, do not allow it to sit for long periods of time on your grass, this will invite flies to your property.


Prevent Flies from Entering & Multiplying in Your Home

Once flies are attracted to your property or home, they will begin to multiply, and they can produce new number quickly, making life outdoors not very enjoyable for you and your family. Female flies deposit two 21 egg masses, each containing about 130 white eggs in manure or fermenting vegetation like grass clippings and garbage. These eggs will hatch within 24 hours and the maggots will become fully grown within 7 days. The pupal stage lasts about 3 days and then the adult fly emerges and begins mating immediately. The entire cycle of a fly, egg, pupa, to winged adult can occur anywhere between 6-10 days depending on the temperatures outside. Eagle Pest Services will prevent this rapid reproduction from occurring on your property and keep flies away from your home.


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