How to Keep Mice Out of Your House This Fall & Winter!

Reprieve from high temperatures is welcomed with open arms in most cases. That feeling when you walk outside in the early morning and can feel the crisp air on your face, is a sure sign of fall coming soon. With temperatures dropping, you need to start thinking about safeguarding your home against pests that might be seeking refuge from low temperatures; mice in particular.  Eagle Pest Services would like to share some ways to prepare your home for cooler temperatures and help you avoid mice making nests in your house.

Problems & Diseases Caused by Mice

When talking about the problems associated with having a family of mice make a nest in your home, the most concerning issue is disease. The droppings they leave behind carry real health risks to you and your family. Their droppings carry bacteria, parasites, and viruses. They also contaminate any food that they come in contact with. This is unfortunate because they are attracted to many of the same foods we eat, so they will be making their way into your kitchen if they get into the house. Not only do you have to worry about the diseases that mice carry, but they also cause serious damage to your home. They are an animal that naturally chews on things. They will chew their way through the wiring of your home in no time, causing serious electrical damage as well as creating a fire hazard. So let's look at how to prevent mice infestations in your home!  

How to Find Mice Entry Points

Every year over 21 million homes are invaded by mice. The most important thing when trying to prevent an invasion from this rodent is the entry points. Check the outer perimeter of your home and make sure there aren’t any obvious places they can use to gain access into your home. Remember that a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime, so if you see any crack or hole of any kind, repair it to prevent mice.  

Place Rodent Proof Screens to Prevent Mice in Attic

If you have a chimney or attic vents, this is a prime place for rodents to sneak into your home. By simply placing screens in these areas, you are able to avoid this possible entryway for mice and other rodents.  

Trim Landscaping to Deter Mice

You need to keep your landscaping trimmed in order to avoid rodents making their home there. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed at least 15 inches away from the foundation of your home. This helps keep mice and other small rodents away from your house.  

Steel Wool & Mice Control

If you have small gaps that you are concerned about, you can place steel wool in them and this will keep mice out. They are unable to chew through the metal and the rough texture of the steel fibers will keep them away through discomfort.  

Garage Door Seals & Weather Stripping to Block Mice

Check the weather stripping around your windows, especially those at ground level or in a basement. Remember, it doesn’t take much for a rodent to squeeze into your home. If you have any loose mortar on your foundation, you need to have that repaired for the same reason.  

Mouse Control

Even after you take all of the precautions, there are times that those invasive pests somehow make their way into your home. If you are suspicious of a mouse problem, Eagle Pest Services can come inspect and get rid of any mice that may be discovered. Call us today.