Myths About Pests in Clean Versus Dirty Homes

Pests are a real pain for any kind of a home but those people that make sure they keep their home extremely clean can feel it the worst. There is an assumption that you don’t need to hire a pest control company if you have a nice clean house. You may assume that you don’t have any food left out for a pests to come in and feed on.  There is more that pests are looking for than just food and that is why even a home that is clean can be subject to pest infestations. Dealing with pests under any circumstance is not fun so you really need to know what all could be driving pests to your home specifically.


Eagle Pest Services Compares Pests in Clean & Dirty Homes

What Do Insects & Pests Look For in Your House?: The reason that any home, whether clean or dirty, has pests is that it provides all the things pests are looking for. A pest is of course looking for a bite to eat so any form of food, even as small as a few crumbs can be a feast for a pest. They are also looking for water or some kind of moisture to hydrate themselves which in any type of home can be easily found. The last thing and the biggest reason for pests getting in a home is they are looking for a change in temperature of climate and shelter. What is the easiest way to find a change in temperature and climate than to come to a home that is using their HVAC system to heat or even cool their home off. Your home is usually the opposite of the temperature outdoors so if it is too cold out, pests can warm up inside a home. The climate change is the biggest draw for most pests and that is why even the cleanest house can be home to many kinds of pests. Once a pest is inside, it will take a lot to get them out. Pests will come in your nice clean home in search of food which can be found in your cupboards and even in the trash cans.

Do Dirty Homes Attract More Pests?: A pest infestation can really happen in any home whether they are dirty or clean, so there is more that you need to know. Although a clean home can be home to pests it is still a great way to stop the infestation from getting very large. Pest infestations do need a fair amount of access to food so a messy or dirty home is a better place for them to be. Having lots of clutter means lots of places for pests to hide, nest and breed. Cleaning your home, sealing up your food and removing clutter are great techniques when doing your part to prevent pests but that is only half the work. You also need to have your home treated by a pest control professional regularly to keep pest populations in check. Eagle Pest Services offers pest prevention and control so give our office a call today.