Pest Control Needs for Offices & Other Businesses

Do your run or manage a business or commercial building? There are lots of areas that need to have your attention to keep the building running the way it should. One area that should not be overlooked is the pest control needs of the office or building. You want to be sure that your employees as well as your customers and clients feel safe when they are at the building. One way to do that is to make sure that you have pests under control around your home. Pests are a problem even in these businesses and the pests seem to hide out in some areas that you may not have considered.


Eagle Pest Services Lists Areas You May Find Pests in your Commercial Business

Pest in the Break Room Or Kitchen: If you run a business you usually need to have an area that is set aside for your employees to go and eat and prepare a meal. Most people work a full shift that requires them to bring a lunch or dinner and eat it on their break. This area usually has a coffee maker and a refrigerator to keep food cooled. Since this area is where food is made and prepared it can be host to many different crumbs. The crumbs usually stay all day and potentially overnight calling all pests to a feast. When you are inspecting for pests you can look in this area to see if there are any signs of pests. They like to hang out where there is food and this is a great location.

Pests in Bathrooms: This is another are that pests are known to hang out. This is due to the fact that most all pests need some kind of moisture to stay alive. What better place to find that then to head to a bathroom. They will find water and moisture in this area and you will potentially find pests. Make sure that when you go looking for pests you look around the sinks, trash cans and toilets to see what you might find.

Edges & Corners Hide Pests: A commercial building will have less places to hide out than a home does so you can often spot pests of all kinds hiding or walking along the edge of the wall or sitting in the corner. They want to feel somewhat secure and being out in the middle of the room is not likely to be the best place. They will hide along the edge and that is where you may find them scurrying by.


Commercial Pest Management

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