Interesting Facts About Mice & Rats You Might Not Have Known

With the weather starting to cool off, the fall season is here. The cooler weather is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the fresh cool breezes. It is also a time for pests to come inside and look for a nice warm place to spend the winter months. One of those pests that often cause a big scare for people are rodents. A rodent is a general term and does not actually describe just rats and mice. Although these are the two main kinds that cause trouble for people in their homes, there are more. A gerbil, squirrel, hamster and even a porcupine are also classified as rodents so the different species can vary a lot. If you label all the different types of rodents found around the world, the list would reach over 1,500. There are some very interesting facts about rodents; some that you may have heard before but others might surprise you!


Eagle Pest Services Lists Interesting Facts About Rodents Such as Mice & Rats

Mice Have Poor Eyesight: Did you know that mice have really terrible eyesight which would make it hard to get around for most, but not the mouse. Their eyesight is bad but they have great hearing and sense of smell that make it easy for them to get where they want to go with no troubles.

Mice Are Organized: You may think of a rodent of a nasty pest that runs around willy nilly, defacating where they eat. But that is just not true. Mice are known for their elaborate and complex burrows that are built underground. They have areas that they can get in and out and the area is kept very neat and clean. They also have areas that they will keep food separated from sleeping spaces and another area for bathroom breaks.

How Much Food Does a Mouse Eat Per Day?: One thing that is funny about a mouse is that they are pretty small and petite which is why it is weird how often they eat. They tend to find and eat food up to 20 times a day. That is a lot of meals and because they are eating so often they are going to nest near an area that is easy to find food. They don’t want to travel very far to get their meals.

Rats Intelligence Level: One of the interesting things about rats is that they are extremely smart and are great at navigating a course. If you send a rat through a course for food or a place to nest, the rat can find its way back every time. It will never forget the path that was taken.

Rat Tail Function: One of the characteristics that set a rat apart from other rodents is their tail. That thick hairless tail is how most people realize they are dealing with a rat and not a mouse. The tail is an important part of the rats life. It offers the rat a sense of balance as well as regulates the temperature of their body and can aid them in communication.


Mice & Rat Rodent Control

If you start to see signs of rodents near your home call a professional pest control company right away to have your home inspected as well as treated. It is best to get to the deal with a rodent or pest problem early before it grown into a full fledged infestation. Eagle Pest Services are ready and able to solve your pest problems!