Insects & Bugs that Come Out At Night

Pests are no fun to deal with on any scale. Whether there is one lone pest running across your path or multiple pests in your line of vision, your reaction to them is most likely the same. Pests are considered a pest because they disrupt our everyday life. They don’t really do anything to better the way we live in most occasions. There are some pests that are beneficial to us but the creepiness outweighs their use for many people. As soon as they cross the line and we can see them the more upset people often become. There are pests that no matter what you are doing are there to bother you. This is true when it comes to pesky house flies, bees while you are out swimming and more. Although these are not fun to have around there are some that wait for you to fall asleep before they do their dirty work. They hide in the day and come out at night to cause trouble in and around your home.


Eagle Pest Services Lists Common Nocturnal Pests That Come Out at Night to Bother You And Your Family

Bed Bugs: The number one pest that comes out at night to wreck havoc is the bed bug! They are an extreme pest that is not good for anything and are extremely easy to pick up and pass on. They are a tiny pest that is hard to see when they finally do come out but their nocturnal senses make it even harder. They are usually found hiding in the mattress cracks and crevices as well as other furniture. They will stay hidden from sight all day long while you are out and maybe even looking for them. When you turn out the lights and are fast asleep they come out of hiding and will find a piece of exposed skin to feed. They will take a blood meal from the host which can be you and your family member before retreating back to their hiding place. This can happen night after night before you realize there is a problem. The first real sign is the series of bite marks that most people wake up with. Other signs of bed bugs include blood marks on bedding, shed bed bug skins and a distinctive musty odor.

Cockroaches: Another pest that no one wants to have in their home but tend to make their way in are cockroaches. You may think that you are free from roaches only to find out they are just hiding and lying in wait. They are a nocturnal pest that will find a spot to hide like under an appliance, behind a cabinet or in a crack while the sun is out. Then when it goes down out they come looking for food and scouring all over the surfaces of your home. They can leave behind their feces which can carry bacteria that can and will make your family sick. They also are a huge catalyst for people that has allergies and asthma. The most common time that they are seen are at night when the house has gone dark. Cockroaches are a year round problem but especially in the fall when they seek safe shelter to mate.


Bed Bug, Cockroach & Other Pest Control

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