Top Wood Destroying Insects

There are a number of pests that are more than a nuisance. Some cause major damages to our homes. While some pests such as rodents are destructive by nature, others seek to destroy. Eagle Pest Services will share the top three wood damaging pests that can cause major internal damage, costing thousands of dollars to homes each year.



Most homeowners fear termite invasion. Termites are one of the top wood destroying pests that will invade homes as they feed on the lumber used for the home’s structure. Termites love to feed on damp or dry wood and like ants, the form large colonies. Each species varies on the preferred living environments. Some will move into your home and feed and nest in your home’s structure. Other species, such as the subterranean termite species, prefer to nest underground as they are more sensitive to the heat. Subterranean termites will create mud like tubes or tunnel systems, traveling from their feeding grounds and then back to their hive. Termites will infest an entire home, eating and cutting through the wood. This makes the home structurally weak and leads to thousands of dollar worth of damage.


Carpenter Ants

There are about 50 known species of carpenter ants found throughout America. They vary in size and color. Here in Virginia our carpenter ants are two toned. The top half is a dark orangish red and the abdomen is black. Carpenter ants are around a ½ inch in length, making them one of the larger species found in America. Carpenter ants received their name due to the ability to cut through wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feed on wood. However, they do prefer to nest in wood. They like damp or dry wood which makes it easier for them to chew through. Carpenter ants will cut galleries through wood, including house framing and will invade and build their nest inside homes. Carpenter ants will build their nest near both food and water, which most homes provide plenty of. Both termites and carpenter ants are a major problem when they invade a home and can destroy a home within a few years if they go undetected.


Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bee is nearly as destructive as other wood damaging pests. Carpenter bees will burrow through exposed wood. However, carpenter bees aren't like typical bees. They aren't social. A single male and female will mate and together they will dig burrow with a few galleries or tunnels for each of the eggs. They will kill other insects and seal them in with the egg. Once the eggs hatch, the larva will have something to feed on. Once they mature they will dig themselves out and look for their own mate. Carpenter bees will often return near the place where they were born and cut their own burrow into wooden structures. Due to this repeated cycle, a home or wooden structure can get severe damage over time.


Termite & Pest Inspections & Control

It is important to protect your home from these wood damaging pests. To ensure your home’s safety, make sure to maintain a routine pest service to keep pests out of your home. If you discover termites, carpenter ants, or bees, make sure you let your pest control company know and they will treat your home for these pests. For all of your pest control needs, contact Eagle Pest Services!