Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard

There are many insects that carry with them the risk of a painful bite. Ticks are a different threat all together. They don’t just bite, they transmit some pretty horrible diseases as well. There are several steps that can be taken to keep yourself safe from tick bites, and it is worth taking these precautions to keep yourself and those you love safe. Eagle Pest Services is here to share tips to help keep ticks from biting you.


Use a Repellent with Enough DEET in It

When choosing the right insect repellent, you want to choose one that has at least 20 percent DEET in it. You should rub this repellent on any areas that are exposed like arms, legs, face and ears to keep you adequately protected. After several hours have passed, if you are still outside, you should reapply the repellent.


Benefits of Permethrin

Permethrin is not to ever be used on your skin. You should use this product to treat your clothing. It will give you an extra line of defense against ticks and will continue to work on your clothing and shoes even after they have been washed. You can count on it working for up to 70 washings. If you don’t want to treat your clothing yourself, you can look into purchasing pretreated clothing as well.


Wear the Right Clothing

One of the best ways to defend yourself against tick bites is with your clothing. When you are wearing lighter colored clothing, you will find that it is easier to spot a tick that is crawling on your clothes. Also, if you are going to be in an area known for tick infestation, wear long pants and tuck them into your socks to ensure you don’t have ticks crawling on you from heavy grassy areas.


Protect Your Pet

If you have a pet with you and are in a tick infested area, you want to know your pet is guarded against ticks as well since they like your pets just as much as you. Giving them a dose of a medication like Advantix will keep ticks away and is painless.


Don’t Leave the Trail

When you are hiking, it is best to stay on the marked path. When you stray from those paths into taller grass and shrubs, you are much more susceptible to tick bites. Ticks are often transferred to your legs when you brush up against vegetation.


Do a Thorough Tick Check

Anytime you have spent any amount of time in nature, you should do a thorough tick check as soon as you get back. Checking in all the places ticks love to hide like behind the knees, in your hair, your belly button and under your arms will help you catch a tick early on, hopefully before they have the chance to transmit disease.


Tick Control

If you have a problem with ticks, call on the pest professionals at Eagle Pest Services to get rid of them. Call us today!