Bed Bugs Making a Comeback

A growing problem in commercial businesses and residential homes alike are bed bugs.  More of a nuisance than anything, these pests were nearly obliterated in the United States just after WWII. But with modern conveniences of world traveling and their evolved tolerance for once proven products, their numbers are thriving in the U.S. again.   Though bed bugs are not linked to any known diseases, they could induce a allergic reaction and the bite could be itchy to some people. Not only can bed bugs potentially be anywhere, bed bugs are very adaptable and can be found in the most pristine of locations to the dirtiest of dumps. They prefer to be as close to their source of food and favor human blood. We at Eagle Pest Services would like to relate some of the bed bugs fundamentals, especially the signs your home has bed bugs.


Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed; being tiny, roundish, flat, and brown in color. Although, after they feed, their once flat, brown body is engorged and red. Bed bugs are nocturnal critters, and like the nursery indicates, they feed while their host sleeps. Though they feed at night, if deprived for food they will look for food during the day.   They tend to hide along the bed and mattresses when numbers are fewer.   Being as small as they are, they are capable of hiding in unconventional locations as their numbers grow and they spread out. Bed bugs prefer to stay close to their host however and will likely stick to the bedroom but can just as easily spread to other locations. Outlets, behind light switch plates, in picture frames, under lifted wallpaper, under baseboards, door frames, windows frames, under lifted carpet in closets, and other surrounding furnishings are all examples of where bed bugs can be. Bed bugs can climb exceptional well and can manage their way into most places.


Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

With so many different public accommodations bed bugs can be transported unknowingly in luggage, daily carry-on like purses or briefcases, backpacks, satchels, and second hand furniture. Public transportation can house bed bugs as well such as buses, trains, planes, taxis, and any other public transportation. Seeing the warning signs of bed bugs can help prevent the infestation from getting out of hand. The most common signs that point to a bed bug infestation include the following:

  • Multiple bite marks that look in alignment.
  • Rusty looking fecal stains on your sheets.
  • Red welts that are raised, burn and itch.
  • Blood stains spotting up your sheets and/or pajamas.
  • Bed bug exoskeleton shells, or molted skin remnants. (They shed after each life cycle.)

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Clever enough to hide during the day, but dumb enough not to cover their tracks after their blood-lusting ways, bed bugs can still leave evidence of their presence behind. You can stop bed bug infestations from spilling into the whole house or into other apartments if you can learn to recognize the signs. If you suspect bed bugs are in your home, call in the experts of Eagle Pest Services and let our specialists perform an inspection. If they are there, they can effectively obliterate the infestation.