Termite Damage Statistics

Termites are a menace, a plague on any home. They can go unseen for months and even years. By the time you realize you have a termite infestation, the extent of the damage is beyond believable, leaving you with costly repairs. On average in the United States alone, termites are discovered in 5 million homes each year and billions of dollars a year are spent in termite repairs. Knowing what to look for and understanding the steps is essential to protect your home from termites and we at Eagle Pest Services would like to elaborate on that today.


Signs of Damage

There are many forms of termite damage. Where some are more common than others, it is important to know that termites prefer feasting on wood, but will easily devour all types of cellulose materials. Not only will the wood for your structure be subject to their diabolical appetite, but furniture, insulation, books, and other elements can also be victimized. Seeing the warning signs early can help minimize the damage. Such common indicators include the following: 1) Mud tubes that allow them to forage to higher areas. These tunes are about the diameter of a pencil and are found on walls, support columns, floor joists, window sills, and other surfaces that can lead to access to food sources. 2) On the wood, look for buckling paint and tiny holes. Structural bearing wood that appearing crushed or hearing a dull thud, indicating it is hollow when you tap on it. As well as highly visible honeycomb pattern inside the wood. 3) During the warm months, the reproducing termites, known as swarmers, are especially active. Watch for flying termites if you notice any of these particularly. When they find a new nesting area, they will discard their wings. If they are found inside your home, the infestation is likely severe as the swarmers do not develop until the colony is well established, which takes about 7 years or so.


Get Rid of Termite Infestation

After seeing the signs, the next step is hiring a professional to confirm their presence. A professional from Eagle Pest Services, will be able to identify if a termite infestation is possible and once confirmed, will leave an estimated cost and solution for termite extermination. Before you can make any repairs, efficient termite termination is crucial.


Termite Structural & Other Damage Repair

When the termite threat is neutralized, you can identify and repair the damage. Proactive and vigilant homeowners can save homes before too much damage is done. Depending on the extent of the damage, you will either need to replace the damaged wood and materials or patch it with reinforcing pieces of new wood to support the old minimally damaged wood. Patching up the existing wood is often the cheaper and preferred method because of the expense. However, completely replacing the damaged wood in the long run is the better solution for durability and aesthetics. A professional can ensure the damage is repaired efficiently. Contacting a professional to make the termite repairs is recommended.


Termite Inspection & Treatment

If you suspect termites, call Eagle Pest Services where we will send certified specialists to inspect your home for termites. If they are found, we will present a written estimate and a solution to effectively remove the termites from your home. Call us sooner rather than later to minimize the damage the termites will do.