Aim for a Fly Free Restaurant

Your restaurant is all about the food and ambience. If the food is crawling with flies and the mood is tainted with buzzing of their annoying behavior, the whole dining experience is ruined because of this tiny insect. Keeping flies out of your commercial kitchen should be one of the top priorities whether you work in or run a restaurant of any kind. Ensuring your restaurant is free from pests, including flies, is a major element to the success of your business. In effort to help you deal with any current fly infestation and prevent future flies in your kitchen and dining area, we at Eagle Pest Services would like to share some tips and suggestions.


How to Keep Flies Away from Your Restaurant

1) Rubbish needs to be removed away from the restaurant. No matter where it is located, flies are attracted to the garbage, waste, and rubbish. So that flies do not find anything they want inside, it is essential the trash be taken out often and the dumpster be located away from the restaurant. Keeping the refuse at a distance will allow them to feast on it away from the guests. Though this tactic may seem simple, it is a rather effective preventative approach.
2) Thorough cleaning is more than presentation. Not only are flies attracted to the garbage, but they are also drawn to spills and messes. When the spills occur, they should be promptly cleaned, no matter where they happen in the restaurant. Odors are an especial attraction for flies and they will continue to explore the pungency for the possibilities it has to offer. The dirty dishes should continually be washed, trash routinely taken out, floors periodically swept, and so on. Not only for a clean presentation of your dining area and healthy environment for your kitchen, but also to keep flies away.
3) Minimize moisture. Like most living things, flies need water. They will try to stay in close proximity to moisture. What may seem like an insignificant leak will draw the flies close. Make sure you repair the leaks and cleanup the drips and any standing water as they occur, not only for safety, but to prevent flies from wondering too close to the kitchen and dining areas.
4) Professional Pest Maintenance. Professional pest control does not just offer services for when there is an infestation. There programs available to routinely schedule pest management to significantly reduce or prevent pests from occurring at all. No matter how big or small the fly population is in your restaurant, you want the situation taken care of quickly because flies multiply extremely quickly.


Fly Pest Control

Since restaurants build their reputation on good food, solid service, and clean environments, you do not want lose your business to the competition because you are associated with being dirty and having flies annoying the patrons. Make sure you do what you can to prevent the flies from becoming the focus of your restaurant. At Eagle Pest Services, our commercial restaurants customers premises are treated for flies to control the population and to help you keep your establishment healthy. We also offer customized maintenance packages to keep all pests that commonly invade your restaurant at bay. Call us today to learn more.