Cockroaches are Filthy!

Cockroaches are associated with filth for a reason. They contaminate anything that they touch, especially your food. If you are seeing cockroaches in your home, you likely have an infestation problem on your hands since they are nocturnal and will do anything they can to stay hidden during the day. When there are so many of them that they can’t find anywhere to hide, you may start to see them pop up in daylight hours. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about things you can do to make your home less attractive to cockroaches.


Remove Cockroach Food Sources

Food is one of the number one things that will attract cockroaches into your home. They will literally eat anything they can find whether it is rotten or not. If you have left food out, they will find it. Never leave food out overnight as this is the time that they are searching for something to eat. When storing your food, keep it in sealed containers that won’t have easy access to the roaches.


Get Rid of Water Sources that Attract Roaches

The other thing that will keep cockroaches coming into your home is water. Water is even more important than food for cockroaches. They can survive for almost an entire month without food but can only live one week without water. If you have any leaking pipes, they should be fixed right away to avoid attracting cockroaches. Any standing water should be eliminated as well.


Keep Your Home Clean to Prevent Cockroaches

Even the smallest amount of crumbs can attract cockroaches. Keeping your home clean will go a long way in keeping cockroaches out of your home. You should clean the floor often to avoid any sticky areas that may attract these disgusting pests. Also, get rid of any clutter that could be a potential hiding place for cockroaches during the daylight hours. When cleaning the kitchen, pay special attention to areas like your stove top because cockroaches are especially attracted to greasy food.


Store Trash Properly to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Like mentioned above, cockroaches aren’t picky when it comes to their food. They will eat anything whether it is rotten or not. This includes the trash. It should be stored far from your home and in a can that has a tight fitting lid. If you are storing trash near your home, you will be more likely to have a problem with cockroaches.


Try Homemade Roach Baits

Baits are the best way to eliminate a cockroach problem. You can try making one from ingredients that you may have around your home. This includes one part boric acid, one part sugar and one part flour. The cockroaches are attracted to the sugar and flour while the boric acid will be what kills them.


Cockroach Control

If you have taken these measures to ensure cockroaches are kept out of your home only to find they are still there, you can trust the professionals at Eagle Pest Services to finish the job for you. We will ensure your home is cockroach free. Call us today!