Are You Ready for Fall Insects & Pests

It's almost that time of year when folks will begin putting away the summer toys and break out the fall décor. With summer shortly coming to an end, your list of to-dos is sure to be long. This means boxes will be moved and sifted through that probably haven't been disturbed in months! The last thing anybody wants is to have a tiny visitor crawl out onto their hands while they are grabbing last year's scarecrow décor but it's likely inevitable. Unless you’re a customer of Eagle Pest Services that is! In lieu of the weather changing, we thought it would be fitting to point out some of the most common basement pests found in Virginia. If you've already been a regular client of Eagle Pest Services, you won't have to worry too much about running across these creepy crawlies. Otherwise, here is a short list of what you may run into this fall!


Identification of Household Basement Bugs & Pests

Brown Recluse Spiders- These spiders live up to their namesake, they prefer to live in areas less traveled such as basements. They are one of the most poisonous spiders in North America today. Many spiders will take up residence in your basement, but these guys need to be avoided at all costs. The chances of finding one of these is actually not that great as they really try to stay out of sight. All spiders stay close to a food source, where there are bugs, you can find spiders. You can identify a Brown Recluse with a few tips from Eagle Pest Services. First, assess the spider's color, brown recluses come in a dirt or sandy type brown color with a slightly darker marking on the center of the spider's body that sometimes appears in the shape of a violin. Occasionally their color may vary to a dark brown or even slightly yellow. Next look at the spider's legs, if it’s in fact a brown recluse its legs will be slightly lighter shade of solid brown with no markings or variation in color. Next, you will want to count the eyes. Most spiders have 8 eyes. Not the Brown Recluse, they have 6! Professional pest services will need to be called in if you positively identify a brown recluse in your home. These spiders tend to stay in large groups with other brown recluses and this can be extremely dangerous. If you see one, leave the room and call Eagle Pest Services as soon as possible.
Termites- Every year, millions of Americans suffer billions of dollars’ worth of structural damage caused by termites. Termites destroy homes in the blink of an eye, some go undetected for months, and in some cases even years! Termites are attracted to all types of wood, paper, cotton and other organic materials. For older homes, it is recommended to have your home inspected once or twice a year for signs of termite damage, and newer homes every 1-2 years is sufficient. Subterranean termites reside in the ground and love basements, when you go out to dig through boxes this fall, do a self-inspection by looking for damage to wood and other parts of your home's structure.
Silverfish- You can find these bugs all over the world. They prefer areas with high humidity and can be found inhabiting sinks, bathtubs, basements or anywhere else water is readily available to them. Their diets mainly consist of carbohydrates such as sugars and starches. Think of them as your nightly cleanup crew, as they crawl around after dark in search of food. You are sure to find a few of these crawling about but rest assured they are harmless.
Earwigs- Earwigs are nocturnal, they are easily identifiable by the large pincers that are attached to their backends, but don't worry, they are harmless to humans. Those pinchers are used to fend off other earwigs and other pests. As the weather starts to cool off, you will see them more often as they begin to come into homes to find a warm place to eat and live.


Pest Management

Having your home treated for unwanted pests by Eagle Pest Services before you start to move things around in your basement will ensure a pest free experience. Give us a call today to schedule your pest inspection and treatment today!