Venomous Yellow Sac Spiders

The Yellow Sac Spider is a common spider that is found in our home state of Virginia. In fact, this spider species is considered to be one of Virginia's most dangerous. However their venom is much weaker than a recluse spider bite. Even so, a Yellow Sac spider bite can leave skin tissue damage and can resemble a brown recluse bite. This spider will accidentally wander into homes as they hunt and are in search of food. They hide during the day and encounters in most cases are accidental. Due to their bite they are an unwelcome guest that should be prevented. Eagle Pest Services will share how to identify and control yellow sac spiders.


Yellow Sac Spider Identification

The yellow sac spider, as the name suggests, is yellow in color, and are about ¼ inch in length for both females and males. These spiders have an oval shaped abdomen. They have dark brown coloring at the tips of their feet and fangs. Yellow sac spiders feed on other insects and are considered a beneficial species that reduce agriculture threats. Yellow sac spiders are a nocturnal hunter that comes out to hunt at night and hide during the day. They do not make webs to capture prey, instead they use their venom to kill their prey.


Where Do Yellow Sac Spiders Live?

Yellow sac spiders may wander indoors if there is another pest infestation present. Yellow sac spiders prefer to stay outside, hiding in brush, trees, gardens and dense vegetation. They usually avoid the indoors unless they are looking for food. The Yellow Sac spider bite can be painful and leave lesions like the recluse bite. However, they are not life threatening. Infant, children or the elderly may have more of a serious reaction and should be medically treated in the event they are bitten. If you see a yellow sac spider it is recommended to avoid them if outside. Inside could be a sign of an infestation, especially if a female lays her eggs.


Yellow Sac Spider Infestation Prevention

To control yellow aac spiders you will want to prevent pests from infesting your home such as cockroaches, spiders, and moths. You will want to maintain a clean and orderly yard and avoid clutter around your home. You want to make your yard and the outside of your home unpleasing to other pests. Additionally, repair leaky spouts and sprinklers to prevent puddles or provide a water source for pests. Garbage cans should be sealed to prevent pests from feeding and populating. Inspect the outside of your home. Look for cracks and gaps around the foundation, window frames and door frames. Use silicone caulking glue to seal them up. The inside of your home should also be clean and orderly. All food should be kept sealed in air tight containers and avoid leaving any food out for pests to feed on.


Spider Extermination

Controlling other pests will help reduce the desire for Yellow Sac spiders to want to enter your home. Additionally, seek the aid of a professional pest control service that will use pesticides around the perimeter of the home. If you need help controlling pests including yellow sac spiders contact Eagle Pest Services for all of your pest control needs.