How Do You Get Bed Bugs in the First Place?

There are lots of pests that can really give you a run for your money. Some become an infestation quickly while others cause damage to your home. When it comes to a pest that needs special attention and can stay hidden without being detected for some time the bed bug tops the list. They are a pest that anyone can come in contact with. Have you ever been on a flight or stayed at a hospital or hotel? Then you have put yourself at risk of bed bugs. That does not mean that you need to stay locked in your home but you should be cautious about what you are doing and how to be careful. When you have people over whether it is family or friends you need to know what they are bringing with them.


Eagle Pest Services Offers Tips to Prevent Your Guests From Bringing in Bed Bugs

Ask the Right Bed Bug Questions When Friends Come Over: If you have someone that is planning to stay with you for a holiday or a vacation, they don’t usually just show up. They are likely to call you and ask if they can come. Of course you ask about when they are coming and how long they plan to stay. You need to know so that you can arrange your schedule and the sleeping arrangements around their stay. Those are both great questions to ask but you might want to add some more questions to the list. It may not be comfortable to ask a person if they have bed bugs but it is important. You can ask if they have them or have recently had them. If they have had bed bugs it is a good idea to know how long ago they had them treated. If you are concerned that they have not treated them properly it is best to ask them to rearrange their stay to come at a later date or to stay at another location.
Be Cautious Of Bed Bugs in Guests Bags: If your guests are traveling on an airplane or taking a stop along the way at a hotel it is important to check the baggage. One of the most common areas that people come in contact with bed bugs is when your luggage is with everyone else's from a flight or when they stay in a room that already has bed bugs. That is why when they come to your home it is a great idea for you and them to take their luggage and jackets and place them in a large bag that can be sealed. This will prevent any potential bed bugs from getting from their luggage inside your home. The bag that has been sealed can even suffocate the bed bugs but guests have to be prepared to live without these items for a few days!


Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

At the very first suspicion of bed bugs in your home, call Eagle Pest Services. We can conduct a thorough inspection and then begin quickly on a custom plan of action to rid your home of bed bugs as infestations can escalate quickly. Call us for all your pest control needs!