How Does Temperature Affect Insects & Pests?

A common misconception is that people believe that come the fall and winter months, homes and businesses will be pest free. Where many pests hibernate during the cold temperatures, there are quite a few that remain active. More often than not, the pests that are left to rough the winter months will intrude into homes and businesses when food becomes scarce and temperatures become extreme. They barge inside to escape frigid cold and predators, looking for shelter, food and water. Once they find your abode perfect for their needs, they rarely leave. Today, we at Eagle Pest Control would like to list the common pests that Virginia can see as fall takes root and winter moves in.


Stink Bugs

Stink bugs look for a source of heat as the outside temperatures cool down. They potentially enter through tiny cracks in doors, windows, roofs, or foundations and are often clustered along the side of homes looking for warmer shelter. Most stink bugs actually become dormant by winter and once the spring warms up the outdoors, they become more active in the spring, terrorizing your home. These bugs do not pose any real threat except that they will negatively impact the living space from the terrible odor they emit.


Box Elder Bugs

During the fall and winter months, though box elder bugs are considered outside insects, they do infect Virginia homes. More frequently, the box elder bugs go unnoticed because of their preference to keep to the attics. However, when these bugs are inside your home or business, they are responsible for staining furniture, carpeting, and clothing with their excrements.



Mice and rats are a detriment to your home in many ways as they are hazards and damage dealers. Mice need only a dime size hole, where rats need but a mere quarter size hole. They will barge inside and take over the walls or kitchen crevices where they have access to food as well as the counter tops, open containers of leftovers, or items in your pantry. IN the process of foraging for food and nesting materials, they can spread diseases. Additionally, when rodents infiltrate your home, they do heavy damage on your utility lines such as gnawing throughout electrical wires and have been known to chew through plastic or lead piping. With the potential destruction and health hazards, if you notice any rodents in your home, call a professionally as soon as possible as they reproduce quickly.


Pest Prevention Tips

To minimize the pests in your Virginia home, be sure to keep on top of sanitation, maintain a clean kitchen, keep food stored in secure containers, regularly take out the garbage. Going a step further, seal your homes with caulk, weather stripping and other solutions. Remove the debris in an around your home, clean the garbage cans once a month with hot soapy water and ensure they have secure lids.


Year Round Pest Control

With the help of Eagle Pest Services, our technicians can help with preventative measures and professional elimination of any pest infestations. Call us today to get started!