Get Rid of Mice There is more to the process of tackling a mouse problem than just removing the mice. It's also vital to find out where they are entering the dwelling and solve that issue so a reinfestation doesn't occur.

What will a professional exterminator do?

If you see a mouse indoors and/or see evidence of recent activity such as mouse feces, which is the most obvious sign, you should schedule a thorough inspection with a licensed, experienced professional. The pest control technician will take the following steps to locate the source of your mouse problem and to effectively remove the mice and prevent reinfestation.

  • 1. Find their travel routes. Mice will typically follow familiar travel routes as they scurry about looking for food. The routes will often be marked by their droppings along the way. Locating these travel routes is vital for trap placement. It’s fairly easy to spot these paths.
  • 2. Lay out traps in specific locations. There are several types of mouse traps used: glue traps, snap traps and live traps. These will be set in areas away from children and pets and placed in the rodent’s most traveled areas. Ideal placement will be along the walls or in quiet corners where a mouse will feel safe to explore the trap.
  • 3. Eliminate entry points. When mice are determined to get in it can be very difficult to completely keep them out. They don’t need very large entry points to get in, as most breeds can fit into holes as small as a dime. That means that any cracks, dents, or weak points will have to be found and sealed to prevent entry. One of the first things an exterminator may do is search the exterior and interior for easy entry points. They’ll then often suggest something to block these open access areas such as applying caulk or apply a mesh net to these entry points to prevent additional rodents from getting in.

Consistency is key. Rechecking all previously treated problem areas for new mouse activity and resetting traps as well as removing dead mice is vital. Since they can breed every 28 days a few mice can quickly become a serious problem resulting in an infestation. They don’t need much to eat and will seek out the tiniest of food crumbs often even feeding on materials that may seem inedible.

There are some steps listed in this Good Housekeeping article that you can take to help make your home or business less desirable to mice. Keeping debris and tall grass away from the dwelling as well as minimizing available items that can be a food source are important habits. No matter how much you do to try to prevent a mouse from entering your home or business, or how tidy you are, anyone can encounter a rodent problem and a professional exterminator will be your best line of defense to ensure the pest problem is resolved. A professional will know what to look for, the best course of action(s) to take for the elimination of pests and will schedule a reinspection if necessary to ensure thorough removal.

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