what attracts crickets into the house

Like most insects, crickets are a huge nuisance especially if they've invaded your home. These hopping critters are drawn to certain items around and in your house. Making your exterior and interior less inviting to them will go a long way toward avoiding an invasion. They seek out moisture and dark hiding places in the home and outside of your house. It is important to know what to look for to consider removing before they find it.

Exterior Concerns

Any debris, even something as simple as a planter or small leaf pile near your exterior entryway will attract crickets. To avoid them on the interior it's important to deter them on the exterior. If you see any cricket activity it is advisable to target the area with a thorough cleaning and consider contacting a professional pest control company to discuss your best options. A professional knows how to exterminate pests like crickets in a safe manner.

Vigilance is the key to catching a problem early-on. Perform an exterior visual inspection during the warmer weather to spot any problem areas.

  • Check for any torn screens and replace any damaged ones. Be sure your windows’ seals are in good shape. Caulk or replace any entry point seals that look suspect.
  • Clean up yard litter and debris that is close to your exterior walkways or foundation. Check under planters as well for any cricket activity. Reduce moisture-retaining hiding areas by setting trash cans and planters up on bricks.
  • Keep grass and hedges trimmed and consider applying a pest control product onto the foliage to deter crickets.
  • Use yellow sodium-vapor lighting outdoors rather than white or mercury vapor lights.

Interior Concerns

Crickets love the outdoors but unfortunately will find their way into your home as they seek shelter from extreme weather conditions. You might even be unknowingly “inviting” them in with desirable items even though they prefer to live outdoors and don't survive well inside or breed indoors.

Because crickets are attracted to warmth, they are most likely to be found in kitchens or near sources of heat, such as the furnace or water heater. Once inside, they can burrow into cracks and hide behind baseboards. Deter them by following some simple steps:

  • Inside the home, reduce clutter, piles, etc. to reduce potential hiding areas and to limit their access to items they will feed on, including old boxes and clothing.
  • Keep the floor swept and clean behind and under any appliances.
  • Check for any leaks or standing water in basements and crawl spaces. Crickets will seek out moisture in these areas.
  • Keep pet foods and other food items off of the floor and seal any open boxed foods in resealable bags.

Although crickets might not be considered the most bothersome or disturbing pests, they can still do some damage if there are large numbers of them in your home. These insects will chew clothing. They are drawn to dirty clothing with body odor, soil, food and beverage stains. Crickets will eat the remains of the stain and during its feast will often cut the threads of the fabric. Cricket excrement will also stain clean clothes that it comes into contact with.

If you suspect you have an infestation or need help to avoid an infestation of crickets and other pests contact your local trusted pest control experts at Eagle Pest Services for a hassle-free inspection.