3 Pest Problems in Businesses and How to Prevent

The importance of keeping your business pest free cannot be overstated. Pest infestations in commercial buildings can be detrimental to your business‘ reputation. 

All business owners know how important normal routine building maintenance is. Routine pest control should also be a priority. The ongoing battle of controlling pests can be especially frustrating in a commercial building due to the large amount of space. Many business owners find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and require professional help. Here are some of the common pests that can infest your business and some simple ways to keep them out. 

1) Preventing ants and roaches 

As with all pests, ants and roaches are attracted to indoor areas. If it's a space that provides shelter and food it can quickly become a serious problem. You may only see a few at first, but they are experts at hiding and they breed fast. These pests usually find their way in through the exterior, but also can unknowingly be brought in through shipping supplies and packaging. Check for signs such as dead bugs, droppings, and damaged plastic or paper packaging, and if you see even one or two take action! Keep all areas clean, check for any moisture problems in plumbing areas, and store any food items in a sealed container or refrigerator. Regular disposal of all trash and cleaning trash cans will help prevent these pests.

2 ) How to spot and prevent a rodent infestation

Rodents are a common invasive pest that often infest businesses. Since they fit through small spaces and breed rapidly they can cause major problems. Once they get in it's difficult to find them all. Prevention proves to be much easier than worrying about dealing with a severe infestation. Regular check ups around the interior and exterior and knowing what to look for can go a long way. All rodents will leave droppings as they roam around. If you see black rice shaped droppings in the area it's likely you've got a rodent problem there. They will also leave evidence of chewed up paper that they've gathered for nests. Since they can easily sneak in from the outside, check around the exterior for gaps in windows and doors. If there are noticeable areas where you can see gaps, you should fill in these spaces with a spray foam or install a door sweep. These simple steps can help keep rodents out.

3 ) How to prevent flying insects

In the warmer months it may seem that every time you open your door or window a flying insect finds its way inside. If your business is food related, this can be especially problematic. Flies are one of the worst and most noticeable pests that can have a real negative impact if you operate a business in the foodservice industry. Installing screens wherever possible and keeping trash cans away from doorways and away from where customers gather is key. Try creating airflow with fans. The added airflow helps to make spaces less inviting for winged insects as they don't have enough wing strength to fight the breeze. Pay close attention to those trash areas too. Keep these spaces clean, away from where customers gather, and empty trash regularly. Consider planting insect-repelling plants like scented herbs or citronella grass.

Taking all the preventative measures you can to keep pests away is vital for any business. Pests can quickly get out of control. Have a pest control plan and schedule regular inspections. Professional pest control is a very effective solution. Eagle Pest has the experience to deal with your commercial pest control concerns. Visit us online or contact us at 888-616-8739. Let us help you keep your business pest free.