Is DIY Pest Control More Expensive?

Most people avoid calling in a professional exterminator because of the price. And we understand. In this economy, it’s hard to decide what’s absolutely necessary to spend money on, and where you can cut corners. So let’s talk about how much DIY pest control costs, versus professional pest control.


How Much is DIY Pest Control, Really?

We know how the process goes - someone in the family discovers a pest, be it a roach, mouse, or something worse. The next step for most people is to drive to the store and pick up the most popular store-bought poison, or glue trap. This usually costs somewhere between $20 and $50, if you’re trying to spend on the low end. You drive home, spray the commercial repellent, put down your traps and relax. However, this is usually not the end.

By the time someone in the family spots a pest problem, it’s an infestation. Both furry and insect pests have a tendency to hide and reproduce extremely quickly. Roaches, pantry moths, spiders, mice, and the most dreaded household pest, termites, produce offspring in vast quantities. They hide within the walls as they build their nests.

Chances are, whatever you just sprayed took care of the immediate problem - the spotted bugs. It’s unlikely it’ll get rid of the entire brood.

What’s the Problem With Using Only Store-Bought Poisons?

The issue with DIY pest control and over-the-counter sprays and traps is that they don’t work well enough, and they don’t have the capability of exterminating their nests or eggs. So even if you spray and get rid of all the surface pests, you’ll likely see a resurgence within the next few weeks or months. This means you’ll have to continuously buy new sprays and traps.

When you own your own home, you want to keep its value up. Many pests can damage your crawl spaces, foundation, wiring, and even furniture. Mice chew holes and chew through wires. They collect small pieces of garbage and food, leaving that to rot in your crawl spaces. Termites eat wood and cost American homeowners over $6 billion a year in damage. Bed bugs bite your family and lay eggs in the corners of your furniture, moldings, and outlets. Many pests leave feces, sheddings, and eggs behind - unpleasant little dark spots that are hard to wash off without damaging paint or furniture.

Pests can also spread disease - which is costly! Even though few individuals come down with any of the 35 diseases rodents carry, there’s always a risk of Hantavirus or another severe illness. Mice and rats also carry fleas, which spread easily to pets and humans. Your pets are also at risk of being bit by pests and contracting a disease that way. Mosquitos, bed bugs, and other blood-suckers can spread infections, like West Nile virus. An outbreak of ticks in your yard can spread Lyme Disease. Pests aren’t just unattractive, they’re a health risk.

How much is Professional Pest Control?

The cost of professional pest control varies on the company, materials used, and the pest that needs exterminating. Luckily, services can cost anywhere between $100 and $500. Your small home pest problem likely won’t cost you as much as you think. Plus, there are packages available for those who want to keep their home free of pests for extremely fair pricing. If you’re looking for the best, most cost-effective pest control in VA, schedule a free inspection with Eagle Pest Services. Or call us at 1-888-616-8739 and speak to an expert about your extermination needs.