3 Telltale Signs of Pest Infestations in Restaurants

Whenever pests infest an area it's disturbing whether it's a home or business. Restaurants are particularly vulnerable as everything a pest is drawn to is there; a food source and lots of hiding places. Prevention goes a long way to fight off a pest problem before it escalates into a full blown infestation. Knowing what signs to look out for is half the battle.

Here are some signs of pest infestations in restaurants.

Droppings from pests are one of the most obvious signs of a pest problem. 

Most pests will leave fecal matter in the areas where they frequent. Since they are almost always either eating or searching for food they will often leave behind evidence of their digested meals. Rodent droppings are fairly easy to identify. They are dark brown or black and resemble small grains of rice. 

The droppings from other pests might be more likely to go unnoticed. Cockroaches are a common pest that often infests food establishments. The larger species like the smoky brown roach and the American roach leave larger droppings than that of the smaller species like the brown banded and German roach. The messes they leave resemble anything from a coarse ground coffee to a small black grain of rice. Their fecal droppings can also leave smudges. If you notice these signs along with roach body parts, like wings or legs, you likely have an infestation.

Damaged food packaging is another telltale sign of a pest infestation.

There's a lot of snacks for restaurant pests to choose from. They usually go for the easily accessible items like food left out on countertops or packages of dried goods like rice and pasta. When these items have been spoiled by any pest you should not use the food and should immediately remove it from the area to avoid a bigger infestation.

You may notice a small hole chewed into the package or a larger hole depending on who the culprit is. There also might be food scattered around as the pest makes its way into and out of the area. Pests are less likely to get into food stored in hard plastic or glass containers, preferring plastic bags and boxes of food.

Gnawed furniture in the dining area is a sign of a pest infestation.

You may think pests only chew on food items. They will in fact chew on wooden furniture and other building material. Sometimes rodents chew on wood just to sharpen their teeth and gather materials for their nests. 

Pests will also chew wood and actually eat it, and will nest in fabric cushions. Rodents love to nest in anything soft that they can burrow into. If you're noticing fabric that's shredded or pieces of wooden furniture scattered that resembles sawdust, pests could be the culprit. 

Infestations in restaurants can be very costly. They ruin food supplies and result in business loss since customers will surely be less likely to return to a restaurant where they've seen evidence of pest activity. Keeping the restaurant clean, practicing proper food storage and having a pest control plan will minimize pest infestations. 

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