What are the keys to effective ant control?

Eagle Pest Ant ControlAnts can be difficult to control in your home or place of business, and in many cases you need a professional exterminator to effectively control or eliminate the problem.

In order to better understand why ants can be hard to control, a general understanding of ant biology is useful. Ants are a social insect, and live in large groups that have one 'queen' ant, and many 'worker' ants that are responsible for foraging for food. When you see ants in your home, generally you are seeing the worker ants.

Ant sprays may effectively kill the foraging worker ants, and in some cases a simple perimeter barrier treatment will keep foraging ants out of your residence. However, in many cases the ant colony is actually nesting within the structure, and perimeter treatments may even make the problem worse (by forcing ants to forage only inside the structure!)

Effectively controlling ants is dependent on identifying the ant species involved, and finding the nest(s). Direct treatment of the ant nests will kill the entire colony, and give much better control. So effective control measures always begin with a thorough inspection to identify the ant species, nesting locations, and entry points.

In some cases the ant nests may be difficult or impossible to locate or access, and direct treatment may not be an option. And for some species, such as the Pharaoh ant, insecticide sprays will actually cause them to fracture or split into two or more colonies to survive. In these cases an ant bait is used to control the problem. Ant baits are also useful in sensitive areas, like food preparation or health care facilities.

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