What do you need to do to prepare your kitchen for the exterminator? The answer depends on a number of things, primarily what type of insect pest is being treated. Ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, and pantry pests that infest stored food are all among the many insects that can infest both residential and commercial kitchens.

Years ago, it was common for the exterminator to tells customers to empty all kitchen cabinets before they came to treat for roaches. This allowed for easier access to the areas where cockroaches hide, and also prevented food products from becoming contaminated by the pesticides that were applied. But today's pest control professionals generally use specially developed cockroach baits to deal with roach infestations, and there is typically no need to empty kitchen cabinets to prepare your kitchen for the exterminator.

Other insects will require different preparation. For example, if you have stored product pest you may very well need to empty all your cabinets and cupboards before the pest treatment is performed. Contaminated product needs to be disposed of outside the building, and non-contaminated food may need to be placed in airtight containers to prevent suture infestation.

Additionally, there may be other considerations for preparing your kitchen or food processing facility for extermination. If you have a commercial kitchen, then timing of the treatment may need to be taken into consideration, and there may be other special preparation  instructions.

The professionals at Eagle are happy to provide you with detailed instructions for kitchen preparation that needs to be done before a pest control treatment is performed. You can contact your local office using the telephone numbers at the top of this page, or use our online form to Schedule An Inspection.