Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects

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paper waspBrownish with yellow markings; most species are about 1 inch.
Paper wasps are easily identified by their nest; a round, upside-down paper cone that hangs from a horizontal surface in a protected location. Most paper wasp nests are located in exposed areas beneath soffits, in the corners of windows, under awnings, under porches and beneath decks. Paper Wwasps will also nest within voids and other protected sites, such as gas grills, electric outlet boxes, hose reels, attics, and crawl spaces. Paper wasps often enter attics through holes in the soffits, attic vent screens and underneath shingles.
Paper wasps are predators and feed on insects, spiders and caterpillars.
Paper wasp nests are usually easily controlled using a wasp treatment product, then knocking down the nest. Such treatments are best done at night, although professionals can safely treat them during the day. On buildings where continuous paper wasp nest building occurs, treatment of the affected areas with a residual pest control product applied by a professional may be advisable.

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