What Is A Group Of Ants Called

What Is A Group Of Ants Called

One question that is commonly asked by people that have ant infestations in their home or place of business is "what is a group of ants called?". A group of ants is called a colony, or sometimes an army.

Ants are a social insect, and live in large groups that have one 'queen' ant, and many 'worker' ants that are responsible for foraging for food, as well as caring for the queen and her offspring. Additionally there are 'soldier' ants that are responsible for protecting the colony, and in the spring you might find 'swarmer' or 'flying' ants in or about your house.

The 'flying' ants are new reproductives, responsible for leaving the nest to go start new colonies. Because both ants and termites swarm in the spring, many times homeowners do not know which they have. It is always best to consult a trained pest control professional, because both ants and termites can be destructive to your home. » Schedule a free inspection now

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