Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites are notoriously known for causing costly amounts of damage to your home and business.  They will quickly and quietly take over the wood and cellulose materials in your home or business before you realize it. But besides being the destructive pests most folks already know about, today we at Eagle Pest Services would like to relate some interesting facts concerning termites.

Are Carpenter Ants a Problem During the Winter Months?

This winter you may have your guard down when it comes to pests because it is cold and they don’t come around during the cold months, right? This is unfortunately far from the truth. Just like you are cold and don’t venture out unless you have to, pests are also trying to make their way into your warm home to escape the cool temperatures. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about carpenter ants and their level of activity during the winter.

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

Rats are constantly searching for food, water and shelter. Unfortunately they will be looking to spend more time indoors this time of year. Norway rats are large rodents that weigh 10 -16 ounces and are 7-10 inches long. Norway rats bodies are covered in shaggy brown or gray fur. Their ears and tail are covered in scales, and their tail is shorter than their head and body.

What Do Camel Crickets Look Like?

You’ve sent one of the kids into the basement to grab something for you, only to have them run back upstairs screaming. They’ve encountered a large, ugly bug. Camel crickets AKA Cave Crickets or Sprickets are odd looking insects with a cricket-like body and long legs like a spider. They physically look like big spiders with six very long legs, a curved hump back and large drumstick-shaped hind legs made for jumping. They are brown and an inch or two in size with no wings but are excellent jumpers. They look scary but will not bite as they don’t have fangs.