Can A Bed Bug Live Without Feeding On Blood From A Host

Bed bugs are a real problem in the United States and everyone is susceptible to having bed bugs infest their home. The bed bug can easily attach to a backpack, suitcase, clothing and furniture while you are out in public. Bed bugs are very small and they can spread easily which is why when you travel or are at school you need to be aware and be careful. If you find yourself on the end of a bed bug infestation you need to know what you are up against and what needs to be done to treat the problem. The cycle of a bed bug is interesting and the studies done to determine how long they can actually last without feeding on blood are also interesting.

Wood Damaging Insects

Any time you have wood damaging insects discovered in your home, it is a bad day. Whether you are dealing with carpenter ants or termites, you may be facing structural damage. These two insects are often mistaken for one another, because there are many similarities between the two of them. There are also many differences though. Eagle Pest Services is here to talk about the difference between carpenter ants and termites.

Pest Infestation Problems in Healthcare Facilities

Health care facilities are always under the consent threat of invading pests. Some of the top pests that these facilities encounter are ants, birds, flies, cockroaches, and bed bugs. These critters find many ways to get into health care facilities. Pests can be transported by nonstop deliveries of food and medical supplies, frequent visitors, as well as high patient or resident turnovers. Health care facilities fight these unwanted pests continually. Eagle Pest Services wants you to know how these pests can be hazardous to your loved one in these facilities and how you can help prevent pests from harming them.

Are Wasps & Hornets Dangerous?

Sometimes it seems like wasps and hornets serve no purpose but to torment and attack. Their sting can leave you with pain for hours afterward. During the summer, they are a common problem and can get out of control if they aren’t dealt with as soon as you see one. If you have an allergy to wasp or hornet venom, then a sting by one of these insects can not only leave you in pain, but can be life threatening. Eagle Pest Services would like to help you avoid a run in with wasps and hornets this summer.