How to Prevent & Identify Cockroaches in Your Home.


Cockroaches are one of those types of pests that are really not good for anything and can cause some panic when you see one run across the floor. They are a sneaky pest and hide during the day so they are not seen. At night when the house is dark and quiet they tend to sneak out and go on the hunt for food and water. That is why most people tend to see them when they go in the kitchen for a late night snack. When you turn on the light, they all run to the edge of the room and hide under a cabinet or appliance. Once you start to see pests such as cockroaches around your home, the problem is worse than you think. Cockroaches are very cautious and will stay hidden so that you are not aware of their presence. If you see just a few, there are likely many more you aren't seeing.


Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Get Rid Of?


One of the worst thoughts to have running through your mind as you lay on your pillow at night is the chance of a bed bug somewhere close by. One of the most difficult insects to remove from a home is the bed bug. Homeowners lose a great deal of sleep with the thought of bed bugs crawling through their sheets or onto their pajamas. On the other hand, some homeowners have no idea that they have a bed bug problem until they begin to take the bite marks on their skin seriously.


Spring Pest Prevention Tips

In spring, so many fun outdoors activities and events transpire. Flowers begin to bloom, trees get their leaves, grass gets greener and all vegetation is revitalized. Animals are energized, birds are flourishing, temperatures are favorable and outdoor activities are being planned and scheduled before the hot scorching months take over. Spring cleaning, home improvements and everything in between gets noted and set to complete. But one thing should be kept in your mind when engaging in these tasks, and that’s the necessary pest control. Fortunately, there are steps you can take while you are already busying yourself with the tender love and care your home needs to help minimize uninvited guests from intruding in your home.


Spring is Termite Swarming Season; When is it Over?

Termites cause more damage than any other insect and will destroy a home leaving little to no equity left. Spring is when termite colony swarms and get dangerously close to your home. When termites swarm they are only in the air for a very short amount of time until they find a mate and their wings drop off. This swarming often occurs close to residential homes and the termites will land on the ground close to your home. Termite damage can happen without the homeowner having any idea that any type of damage is being done or that there are even termites in their home. Eagle Pest Services will solve any termite issue you are experiencing and make sure that it is completely resolved.