Have You Ever Seen a Rodent in Your Metro D.C Area Home?


If you have you know that it can be a scary sight! A rodent can cause some panic and many people are more scared of them then there are of other types of pests. There are good reasons for people to feel afraid of rodents since they are known to carry disease and viruses that can be harmful to people. You don’t have to be bitten by a rodent in order to contract the virus or even to be exposed to the bacteria. All that has to happen is for the rodent to leave droppings or urine on a surface that you then touch or use. You can infect your family with the virus or make them sick because of the bacteria. There are a few types of rodents that are the most commonly found in homes. Knowing what kind of rodent you are dealing with can help your professional pest control company treat for them more efficiently. Contact Eagle Pest Services for the best pest inspections and control in the Metro D.C area!

Ant Prevention in your Metro D.C Area House


Ants are a common pest that have annoyed everyone at one time or more in their lifetime. Seeking food, they can be attracted to crumbs or unknown food spills, especially of the sweet nature. Once they have scouted your home and found a food source, getting them to leave can be difficult. You may find a pack of ants and quickly grab the closest spray. You may viciously destroy the group, only to find new group hours later. Fortunately there are some things you can do to prevent ant infestations from taking over your home!


Spring opens the Door for Cockroaches


One of the most common insects that humans will ever come into contact with is the cockroach. Spring is prime time for many insects to begin reproducing and swarming. Warm temperatures provide a perfect environment for many different species to grow and increase in number, making the possibility of a pest infestation occurring within the walls of your home increase this time of year. Cockroaches are no exception, and many home and business owners are unaware that they have a cockroach problem until it is out of control and impossible to remedy on their own. Eagle Pest Services is your number one choice for cockroach control and will eliminate cockroaches that are in your home or on your property.

Can You Identify Stinging Insect Pests to Better Deal with Them?


The Metro D.C area provides an excellent environment for many different species of insects to thrive. It also provides a most looked forward to spring time that many residents plan to use for outdoor activities like picnics, barbeques and baseball games. Unfortunately these activities can be accompanied by some uninvited guests that could potentially sting you or someone in your family. It is important to become familiar with these species of stinging insects so you are better prepared on how to deal with their stings and avoid their presence as much as possible.